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How to Choose the Best Watch for a Woman

If you do not know what to look for, shopping for a wristwatch can be overwhelming. The market is filled with quality watches and cheap knockoffs, making it hard to choose. However, spotting a fake can keep you from wasting your hard-earned money.

Whether you are looking to buy a gift for a loved one or simply want to upgrade your watch, here are some things that you need to consider:

Age of the Wearer

The age of the person that you are buying the watch for plays an important role in your choice of style and color. For instance, if you are buying for an older person, you should choose leather straps and a small face. When it comes to color, you should go with silver or gold because they complement older women.

For younger girls, you should choose a fashionable watch with a bracelet wrist and gemstones. Younger women can get away with wearing bolder colors, so you should opt for the person’s favorite color.


You might think that women do not care about the mechanics of a watch but they do. You will come across three types of watches: automatic, mechanical, and quartz. You should avoid mechanical watches because they are old school. Quartz watches are more affordable than automatic ones. If the person you are buying the watch for loves watches, you should go for an automatic watch.

Match the Watch to its Wearer

Whether you are shopping for IWC women’s watches from a physical storefront or online stores, you need to consider the style of the person. Does the person you are shopping for love the outdoors? You should choose a watch that will match her field of work. When choosing a style, you should consider the wardrobe choices and lifestyle of the woman for whom you are shopping.

Here are the common styles from which you can choose:

Fashion watches – they have intricate details and the cases are integrated into the watch straps.

Casual watches – they have easy-to-read broad faces and often come with leather straps. You can wear this watch every day with casual outfits.

Dress watches – they are formal watches that you can wear to work and other formal settings. Dress watches usually have unique details that make them stand out and their straps are either metal or leather.

Sport watches – this watch is specifically designed for outdoor use. The straps are made from rubber to withstand sweating and the face usually has a digital timer.

The Crystal

The watch crystal usually covers the casing. The most common crystals that you will encounter when you are shopping include plastic, mineral, Plexiglas, and sapphire. The price of the watch determines the type of crystal that you will find on it.

Low end watches have fake plastic crystals while their expensive counterparts have sapphire and mineral crystals. The plastic crystals are susceptible to scratches and they usually crack easily. On the other hand, expensive crystals are resistant to scratches and do not break easily. Even after years of use, a watch with sapphire crystals will still look brand new.

A quality casing and durable crystal make all the difference if you are searching for a water-resistant watch.

Material of the Watch

When choosing a dress watch, make sure that it complements the complexion of the wearer. Many watches come with a metal case to keep the delicate insides safe. The most common watch case material is stainless steel. However, if you are going for a delicate look, you should choose silver or rose gold casings.

These casings are more likely to match the complexion of the wearer. When it comes to choosing a sports watch, you should put functionality above style. Sport watches are made of rubber and they come in a variety of colors. If you are going for a classy look that will match most sportswear, choose a black sports watch.

Interchangeable Bands

Watchmakers are now making more watches with interchangeable bands for those who want a fresh look every day. Multiple straps give the wearer more options because she can choose to wear different-colored bands on different days. With interchangeable bands, matching the watch to the wardrobe will be much easier.

The person you are shopping for can choose a metal band for dressy events and a leather band when attending casual events. This way, the same watch can work for different events, which makes it easier for you to splurge on a single watch.


Whether you are buying a watch for yourself or another person, it is important to consider style. If you are not too sure about the style aspect, you should stick to classic timepieces. Such watches are timeless and work for any type of event. To make your gift look expensive, you should buy a stylish watch box.

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