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How To Choose The Best Reading Chair For Your Home

Can your home really be complete without the best reading chair? You probably can describe what makes a reading chair great. It’s a piece of furniture that practically envelops you in a well-lit spot, where you linger for hours on end with a great book and something warm to drink. Still, what specific factors make for the best reading chair? Keep reading to find out a few:

Comfort & Fabric Choice

Comfort matters more than anything. This isn’t a bar stool for 20 minutes of conversation or even a dining chair you might spend an hour in. Your best reading chair is a place where you can spend hours on end, regardless of your mood. Having the most comfortable chair for reading will allow you to be submerged into your books storyline.

A great reading chair needs to be covered with something soft and comfortable that’s also inviting. Durability is good to have, but not something particularly precious. Leather, linen, cotton, twill, and velvet are all great choices. Just be sure it’s something that can stand up to spills and stains if it’s in a room where pets and children roam free.

Support & Armrests

Reading chairs are best for relaxation and support. Still, don’t go too laid-back, as you don’t want to doze off. You want to melt into your books, not your sleep. A high, firm back can offer good back and neck support.

These are a must for great reading chairs, considering how important they are in helping you hold up your tablet or book while reading. Aesthetic preferences come into play here, as you can might choose metal, wooden, or even upholstered arms.

Legs & Seats

Reading chairs are usually lower than dining chairs, which makes them look more inviting. A common seat height is about half a meter. Shorter legs mean you can stay comfortable with bent legs, but you can also stretch them out quite easily.

A deep-seated chair is great for really tall family members, or just those that love curling up into the chair. However, if you prefer to keep your feet on the floor or you’re not really tall, then a deep seat can prove uncomfortable.

Oversized Chairs & Ottomans

Oversized chairs offer situational benefits. If you enjoy having a big blanket and a pillow or two, then you need room for them. Also, if you like to curl up with a pet or kids, then these also make that possible.

Serious readers like to occasionally put their feet up in order to prevent swelling. For that matter, if you enjoy watching TV or movies for long stretches, these can be useful too. It’s great to find a chair that has a matching footstool or ottoman. However, don’t turn down a great chair based on a lack of accompanying footrest, because you can always buy a complementary piece or have one made for you.

The Verdict

Even with all these various factors in mind, the best reading chair is simply the one that does two things. First, it’s one that makes you feel like a member of the royal family anytime you sit down. Second, it’s the chair you own for years, even if it needs to be reupholstered several times along the way.