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How to Choose the Best Earrings for Your Face

The earrings market is flooded with numerous shapes and designs. Ladies find them attractive and fit to wear with various outfits too. Every woman desires to have the best collection in her wardrobe. Therefore, there are possibilities that most of the ladies will be on a hunt to buy and secure the best there is on the market. However, not all earpieces are meant for you. It is essential to find jewelry that matches with your face as much as it does with your clothes. If you are out shopping for earrings, here are basic tips to apply based on your facial structure.

Oval Face Shape

If you have this type of case, you are lucky as any earring will fit. However, the most appropriate shape that will show your cheekbones and keep you looking at your best are simple studs or triangular earrings. With this style, you will not appear as if you are overdoing your jewelry and it will not draw much attention over your other outfits.

Heart-Shaped Face

People with this type of face shape will often need to have an earpiece that fills the lower part of the face for around look. Therefore, for such a person to feel secure and confident with earrings, then they often go for pieces with a wider bottom. Earrings with a teardrop design are also considered to be the best choice for this face. Another best option is finding an earring that has additional details at the base to draw more attention to the lower part of the face. This will create a balance and people will not concentrate on looking at the uneven shape in general.

Square Face

Square shaped face is a little complex, and it takes time to find the best piece that will fit. This type of face has a geometric strong jawline that doesn’t narrow from cheekbones. Any extra detailed earpiece on this face will, therefore, draw more attention to the face shape rather than the looks. To avoid looking unprofessional, you can choose to wear long silver earrings. However, you must ensure that they have a rounded finish design to balance the shape of your face. Additionally, they soften your jaws and cheekbones for a more detail-oriented look.

In the instances where you are unable to wear long earrings due to your other collection pieces, then you should consider those with a slight dropping. You don’t want to wear studs or earrings that has almost the same length as your ear.

Round Shape

Round shape faces are wider across the cheekbones with little narrowing around the jawline and forehead. Those with this type of shapes find it difficult to choose the right piece as most earrings are designed with circular shapes. If you are shopping for an earring that will fit perfectly for your round face, then you need to find one with another shape. Angular, spiky, or square shapes will do the magic. With this type of shapes, you will balance your faces softness and roundness as well as improve your center of attraction.

Unsure About the Shape

Not everyone knows what shape their faces are, and we all tend to assume based on our personalized specifications. There is no harm in not knowing your shape, and you can also rock with amazing earrings too. The market has multiple neutral pieces that will work best for any face shape. The most popular earrings for neutral face shapes include diamond or silver studs. This type of jewelry will give your face the right amount of attraction without highlighting specific features on your face.


The ultimate decision for which earrings to wear is for you to make. If you love keeping it simple and letting your jewelry serve as a surprise element, then these tips should help you pick the right pieces. However, if you love to show your elegance and sense of style, a few extra variations will not hurt.