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How to Buy the Best Oscillating Tool?

The Oscillating tool is a multipurpose piece of tool that can handle countless jobs. Paired with different accessories, the equipment produces a different result. From cutting to polishing or grouting to rasping, literally, every task can be performed with this single piece of equipment.

Choosing a versatile product like Oscillating tool is not as simple as you think because here you need to consider a wide array of features and benefits and balance them properly. So, it’s confusing and time-consuming for an inexperienced guy. But with proper guidelines, you can choose the right equipment for your purpose. So, let’s know how to choose the best oscillating tool.

  • Type of work

The first step in your search for the right oscillating tool begins with the simple question, what kind of task you want to perform with your oscillating tool. An oscillating multi-tool can perform many functions. Most people use it for cutting though you can also use it for trimming, grouting, sanding and many more based on your skill level. Whether you want to use it in heavy-duty works like construction or just use it casually for repairing things- will determine the power and capacity of the tool.

  • Speed

Speed is one of the crucial factors you must consider when you want the best oscillating tool for you. The one with a variable speed trigger offers great control and let you choose the cutting speed you desire. You will enjoy cutting with this tool when it will be able to cut at a rate of 20000 oscillation per minute or more.

  • Power

Power is the capacity of the tool that determines how competently it can handle a task. For instance, when you are cutting a material, the power of the tool decides the maximum thickness of that material it can cut. On an average, a 3A machine can handle almost all the basic tasks related to it.

  • Corded or cordless

Both corded and cordless tools come with own set of advantages and disadvantages. While cordless one is excellent for portability, a corded tool offers lengthier battery life. If you want to perform lightweight and basic tasks, a cordless one may be the best choice for you. But, heavy-duty jobs will require more than two batteries, hence a corded one will be better suited for such tasks.

  • Weight and balance

With any handheld power tool, it’s important to have a comfortable grip over it. A lightweight model will be more comfortable, but too light models tend to produce vibration and sound. On the other hand, a too heavy tool will lead to fatigue. So, you will have to ensure a balance between these two.

A tool with medium weight will be the best deal.

  • Price

Like any other products, the budget is also an important consideration. Generally, a high priced one will offer better performance and last longer. But, it may not always be the same. If you compare the same quality product from the different manufacturer, you may find one in relatively cheap price.

But in every circumstance make sure you are obsessed with cost. It shouldn’t be the determining factor.

All in all, if you consider these basic factors while choosing an oscillating tool for you, surely you will be able to strike the best deal.

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