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How to be Friends With Your Child and Still Keep a Check on Them

Parenting is not an easy task; it requires you to be constantly keeping an eye on your children without disturbing their freedom. There are many instances when both parents and their children have complained of several things about each other like some parents are overly strict, some children do not listen to their parents, etc.

To know how much to control your child and how much freedom you need to give them is the ultimate task of a parent. You must not be very cold with them and allow them to do everything they want and at the same time, you must not be very rude or strict to them also. You need to maintain this line pretty well to be a good parent to your child.

A good balance is necessary

Striking a chord between being too strict and too casual is something that parents should learn when treating their children. When you are too strict it is obvious your children won’t be too fine with it and when you are not too serious with them, they are more likely to take you for granted.

So, you must understand when and how to draw the line while being friendly and strict at the same time. Sometimes you can gift your child to make him feel good when he studies well or when he put up his best performance in extracurricular activities. These small gestures help you connect with them better and you must never lose any such opportunities to surprise your child.

The growing up years are very important

When your child is in his or her teenage, you must be extra careful with your parenting duties. These are the years when handling your child becomes more difficult and you must know how to deal with them. Always try to be friendly with them as much as possible.

Listen to them and try to understand what they want to convey, but yes you must not give in to their unruly demands always and instead make them understand politely with better logics. If you become more strict with them during this period then chances are more that they will end up disobeying you and sometimes they can even dislike you as well. So, choose your parenting duty wisely and make the right moves!

Wrapping up

To be a good parent you need to understand your child better. You cannot always fuss about parenting and do nothing about it. Sometimes parents think that they are superior in every form and that their child must always listen to them in any instance. But they are gravely wrong if they follow such mindsets.

You need to give space and freedom to your child as well and help them grow and understand their abilities better. If you keep controlling your child all the time then it would only hamper their personality at the end of the day. You must allow your child to breathe and you both must co-exist to live a happy and healthy life together. Being a parent is easy but being a good parent is tough!