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How to Avoid Headaches Caused by Air Conditioners

Who doesn’t turn on the AC during a hot, summer day? We all enjoy some cold air, but what’s bad about AC is that they cause terrible headaches.


When the AC is on, the room starts to lack humidity. Lack of humidity causes:

– Dehydration

– Temperature shock

– Muscle and blood vessel contraction

– Skin sensitivity

– Painful headaches

– Dry Eyes

The first step in defeating your headaches caused by AC is identifying your problem. Do you feel the constant muscle contraction? Do you feel dehydrated?

Here’s what you can do to avoid those headaches:

– Drink lots of water.

– Get a spray bottle and fill it with water. Spray some water in the air from time to time.

– Take more vitamin C.

–┬áDo not decrease the temperature to a minimum. 21 – 24 degrees is quite pleasant working temperature. Each room below 20 degrees causes health risks.

– Turn the AC off a few minutes before going outside. This way your body will easily adjust to the temperature difference.

– Don’t sit or stand directly under the AC.

– Use eye drops, artificial tears, if you spend more than 8 hours in a room with an AC on. The eye drops will prevent eye dryness.