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How to Add Unique Personality to Any Room in 2020

When you’re considering giving your house a makeover, one of your top priorities is to see your home come to reflect you and your family. You want to shape your home around your values, your aesthetic tastes, and your personalities – and that takes time, careful planning, and a little bit of creativity, too.

In this article, you’ll get a taster of the kinds of things that you can do to any room in your home in order to change it, giving it a unique atmosphere and personalized zeal that truly makes your house a home.


Taking a look at the walls in your home is an excellent place to start. It’s somewhat surprising that homeowners aren’t constantly thinking about how to change their walls – as it’s by far the largest surface area you have to work with across the entirety of your home. There’s lots you can do to walls, of course, including:

  • Painting new colours onto your walls
  • Finding a wallpaper that matches with your aesthetic style
  • Tiling up parts of walls, especially in bathrooms
  • Adding skirting boards and other decorative features
  • Making a mural or landscape painting across a wall
  • Knocking a wall through in order to create an open plan room

With so much you can do with these seemingly boring parts of your home, you should begin now to think of all you can add to your home to make it feel more your own. The final flourish of your wall changes should be with art, of course – and Aspect Wall Art is the perfect place to find that finishing touch to really set off your perfect walls.


Now let’s move our eyes downward to inspect the floors in your home. Whether you’re someone who likes tiles, carpets or rugs, you may well find that your floors could do with an update that brings them in line with all of your stylistic concerns in 2020. Don’t forget wood panelling, which offers a marvellous, subtle creak to your steps – perfect for that tactile, rustic feel.

Other homes might choose to establish an ‘industrial chic’ interior in the minimalist style, which usually borrows from the concrete-slabbed nature of warehouses and shop floors. Or, you might choose to tile your home, like a Mediterranean dream home. Persian rugs can add an element of Oriental charm, of course, while Spartan carpets keep your home warm in the winter months.

Furniture and Layout

There’s no escaping the fact that your rooms are dominated by the furniture that you place into them. Too much furniture, and your rooms will feel cramped and small. Too little, and they’ll feel cold and sparse. You may find that elegant furniture doesn’t fit with the walls and floors of your home – or that modern items are clashing with the antique nature of the house that surrounds them.

In all of these cases, we’re looking at visual conformity and style as our key measurable factors to help make rooms look and feel perfect for you and your family. Of course, you may like a clash – that may be your style – but in general, you’re looking to find the pieces, and place them in the positions, that ensure your room feels aesthetically consistent and beautiful to all visitors.


Another under-appreciated element to your room’s feel and vibe is the light that you’re able to generate within them. Put simply, the combination of light that pours through your windows, or comes from your electric bulbs, is going to shape how your room looks and feels. Why? Because light is how you bring out colour from the rest of the room, and the angle and direction of light is as important as what it’s revealing.

When you’re planning a room, you need to bear in mind the kind of light that it’s letting in, and the kind of atmosphere you’d like to permeate the room. Is your room south-facing? Are you able to install strong lamps in darker rooms? This is key to your room planning in 2020.

Home Tech

Finally, it’s worth mentioning household tech and smart home devices in order to spruce up your rooms, updating them for the coming decade of tech and leisure. Whether you’re looking to integrate marvellous speaker systems into every room in your home, or smartphone-controlled heating systems, you’ll find ways to make your rooms feel of-this-decade by shopping around for tech online. Be sure to invest in the best tech in order to treat your family to modern living conditions this year.

These tips will help you establish a unique and exciting set of rooms inside your home, ensuring that you’re living in a home that reflects your personality in 2020 and beyond.