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How to Achieve the Perfect Shave

Shaving can be more of a pleasurable experience if you treat it less like a chore, and use amazing products that pamper your skin and body. Get the “perfect shave” by spending just a little more time pampering your face.

Five Top Tips For The Perfect Shave
  1. Never, ever dry shave. Even if it is an emergency situation, it’s better to have a little stubble than it is to go in dry. At best, you’ll need little ripped up pieces of toilet paper to stick to the multiple nicks and cuts that you will have on your face, and at worst you’ll wake up to a rip-roaring, highly inflamed-looking rash on your neck and jaw. The ideal amount of time to keep your beard area moist with a warm, damp towel or in the shower. This softens the coarse hair stubble and prevents irritation. A bonus feature to this is that the razor is one of the best exfoliators for your face you can get – removing dull, dead skin cells to reveal healthy, bright cells and a younger-looking face.
  2. Exfoliate first: Even though a fresh shave is a great exfoliant, to get an even better shave, using an exfoliating face treatment or scrub will improve your shave even more, removing pesky dead skin cells and other pollutants like dirt, oil, or makeup. This way, the blades get a closer shave: which is a plus.
  3. Take it easy with the hot water: Even though a warm towel or warm water will help prep your face for a shave, very hot water on the skin prior to a shave can increase the chances of cuts or nicks from softening the skin a bit too much. Just prior to shaving, splash your face with cool water to fully prepare the skin for a close shave. After shaving, rinse with warm water to remove any trace of the shaving cream, then splash your newly shorn face with cool water, once again.
  4. Skip using soap: Many people shave with soap suds, which is not ideal for shaving. The astringent properties of soap can cause dry, flaky skin.
  5. For the closest shave, go against the grain: Take a look at the direction of hair growth, and shave against that direction for the smoothest possible shave. If razor bumps plague you, or if you have extremely sensitive skin, this might be a step you want to skip. Everybody is different. Following the first four steps might keep you from getting shave bumps, but if you do all of that and still get shaving bumps in the few days after shaving, you should probably shave with the grain instead.

Pre-Warmed Shaving Cream For A Deluxe Shave

The list from above should guide you to a great shave. Prepping the skin for a shave is one major component of elevating it from average to great. As the hair follicles benefit greatly from being softened and warmed prior to the actual shave, applying warm lather will be a luxurious final step before applying the blade to your skin. Barbers have used this method, along with applying a warm, moist towel to the beard for several minutes prior, to ensure that their customers get the close, professional shave that they have paid for.

LTHR Shaving makes an amazing hot lather machine that will give even the most sensitive skin a close, pain-free shave. The barbershop experience can be achieved every day, in the comfort of your home with this handy device. A group of master barbers who wanted to improve upon the warm lather machine – the same machine that barbers have been using since the early 1900’s – came together to design, test out, and eventually perfect, and sell a new hot lather machine. They noticed how customers considered their method of shaving to be the best possible shave they could receive.

By doing a little prep work, you can ensure that your skin stays moisturized, free of blemishes like razor bumps or irritating rashes, and you’ll have that amazing, perfect shave that you are looking for