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How To Accessorize Your Winter Wedding

We love the drama of a winter wedding! The austere landscape, the bold shocks of color, the romance of roaring fires while the snow falls—we’re honestly amazed more people don’t host their wedding in the dead of winter just for these reasons.

If you are one of the lucky brides that has decided to have a winter wedding, you probably already know that many of the elements of a summer wedding have to be modified for the winter. For one, there probably won’t be any outdoor ceremonies unless you want to make your guests really uncomfortable. You’ll also want to avoid sticking your bridesmaids in mini dresses (unless you’re not taking any photos outside).

But what can you do? You can decorate with sparkles galore and deep burgundy roses and loads of white! Winter weddings are all about drama and we say: go for it!

Now, your accessories. While daisy crowns and delicate sandals are perfectly acceptable for a June wedding, your winter wedding will need something a bit more practical and a touch more luxurious. JJ’s House designer Jessica loves winter weddings and she has the following recommendations for accessorizing your winter wedding.

First off, let’s keep you warm! Fur capelets or throws are a lush and gorgeous way to keep you toasty. Throw it over your wedding dress while having your photos taken or while you’re going from the ceremony to the reception.

Scarves are also a great option. We especially love rich, plaid blanket scarves for guests or for your bridesmaids. You can get them at surprisingly affordable prices if you’re willing to shop around online and wait a while for them to be delivered.

For your hands, you can opt for long satin gloves, but we also love short leather gloves with a fur cuff in a buttery caramel brown.

For jewelry, we recommend lots of sparkles! Since you won’t be competing with outdoor florals and vegetation, you can draw all the attention onto yourself by incorporating things like a tiara, chandelier earrings, or stacked bracelets.

Love shoes? Love sequins? Now’s the time to find the sparkliest, most dazzling pair of wedding shoes you can lay your hands on. We especially love contrast sparkles here, so consider going for champagne, gold, black, or even ruby red. As you walk and your dress moves, guests will see a pop of light and color!

Fascinators are a great way to add a bit of old-world romance to your big day, and they work so well for winter weddings. Find one with sparkly jewels or florals and feathers or even one with a delicate half-veil you can wear during the ceremony.

Lace boleros are a great way to take a summery wedding dress and turn it winter friendly. While they won’t keep you cozy, they will keep your arms covered and will look much more weather-appropriate.

Finally, some of the colors we love to see brides incorporate for their winter wedding are rich, deep shades. Instead of pastels, think deep reds, rich purples, golds and wine colors that will offset the starkness of the season and really pop amongst all that white.