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How Should You Select a Name for Your Baby?

Maybe it’s the first thing you think about, or maybe it’s the last. Either way, you need to decide on a name for your baby at some point.

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when selecting your child’s name. For example, if you want your child to go by their given name and not have it be difficult for them in school or at work, you should avoid giving them a unique or unusual-sounding name.

However, plain and simple names can be boring. Maybe you want your child to stand out, so you might go with a unique name. Or maybe you want your child to have a name with a special meaning behind it. French baby names have been considered the epitome of chic and graceful style.

Coming up with a baby’s name is tough since they’ll be going by this name for potentially their whole life. Here are some factors you should consider when selecting a name for your baby.

Know what you can’t select

For starters, you can eliminate some names from the running. There are illegal baby names which you are not allowed to name your child. While the United States tends to have laxer laws on naming children, some names like Jesus Christ and Santa Claus are illegal to name your child.

There are also some special rules like how you’re limited in using numbers, special characters, and accent marks. These rules will vary by state, and if you are inclined to use them, you should check with your local state laws.

Be considerate

You should take into account what a name will mean for your child. For instance, naming your child after an animal, fictional character, or inanimate object like a lamp, could have a long-term negative impact on your child.

While these types of names might seem cute, they’re not the type of names that fit in anywhere. If you’re looking to give your child a name that they can use throughout their life, then it’s best to select something that’s not too out there.

Honor your cultural background

As mentioned, you should take into account what your child’s name will mean for them. This is where things like ethnicity and regionality may come into play. You should consider giving your child a name that reflects their cultural background.

You don’t want to teach your children their ancestors or culture is inferior or shameful, and it helps for them to have a name that reflects.

Pick a name that fits in

Another way to help your children have a positive experience in life is to select a name they can use comfortably throughout their school and work years. If you have trouble picking out a name for your baby, then try looking at the most popular baby names.

Popular baby names are the names that have been used the most in recent years, and they’re a great starting point for picking out a name. As mentioned, they can come off as plain and simple, but your child shouldn’t have too hard a time fitting in because of their name.

Older names

If you do want your child to stand out because of their name, an older-sounding name isn’t bad.

These could be names that might have been more common in previous decades, like when your grandparents more growing up. These names can help your child stand out in a more healthy way than going with an unusual name like “dolphin” or “chair.”

Don’t feel too restricted

Finally, you shouldn’t let certain factors hold you back from selecting a name you feel is right for your child.

For example, while you should respect cultural traditions, don’t feel you must adhere them to the letter. Maybe your ancestors immigrated from another country, but naming your child by using their native language could be difficult for them. This is even more evident if your child never learns their ancestral language.

You shouldn’t feel obliged to name your child something because someone told you to. For instance, maybe your parents are pressuring you to name their child after one of them, but you don’t want to. The choice is yours. You should feel free to go against their wishes and name your child what you want.

The name you choose for your baby is important, so it shouldn’t be a decision that’s taken lightly. Doing your research helps too.

While you shouldn’t expect to magically come up with the right baby name, doing research should point you in the right direction.