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How LaCura Helps Women Enhance Their Lives With Essential Oils

The debate surrounding the potential benefits of essential oils has spilled into the mainstream, moving beyond the banks of the health and wellness industry. The popularity of essential oils mimics past trendy topics such as coffee and kale and continues to dominate public discourse. However, with countless diluted and untested oil blends saturating the market, how can women traverse the sea of options to find oils that might genuinely improve their well-being?

Fortunately, researchers are vigorously investigating the merits of essential oil use. Although information on this topic is widely accessible, the ambiguous realm of essential oil application can be intimidating, leaving some feeling overwhelmed. To provide a fresh perspective on this topic, licensed pharmacist and certified functional medicine practitioner Liat Chiprut —  co-founder of leading essential oil brand LaCura — emphasizes personalization and education.

From heartbreak to physical injuries, essential oils are jokingly touted as the ultimate solution for various ailments. Women around the globe juggle multiple responsibilities, yet often struggle to find ways to balance their personal and professional lives.

LaCura’s products may offer women an option for preventing and treating the conditions and stressors that this balancing act can often produce. “The production of our highly-concentrated oils is yielded from the leaves, seeds, and roots of the often sweetly scented flowers,” Chiprut explains. “In particular, the ‘essential’ portion of our oil blends is distilled from certified organic plants and is tested daily.”

Ancient knowledge meets modern medicine

For thousands of years, civilizations have been aware of the anti-microbial and medicinal benefits of essential oil derivatives. Today, these oils are increasingly studied and used in pharmaceutical and medicinal settings, demonstrating their growing recognition and importance for modern consumers. The potential antibiotic and wellness benefits that can be derived from essential oils have spurred scientists to transform their findings into more practical, pharmaceutical properties for the public.

“Rosemary oil, for instance, has been used to assist with hair growth, while lavender oil is often cited for its calming effects on stress and anxiety, as well as its potential to improve sleep quality,” says Chiprut. “Peppermint oil may help alleviate menstrual cramps, and lemon oil has been known to help reduce feelings of nausea during pregnancy. However, individual experiences with each oil may vary, and consulting with a healthcare professional is recommended before using any products that can be ingested, inhaled, or topically applied.”

Avoiding gimmicks in the essential oil industry

As more information from trials is conducted and analyzed, so too has the number of brands capitalizing on the trend. Brands often employ marketing tactics that tailor messaging to commercially appeal to women, citing the proclivity women have to multitask, which can lead to life stressors.

Consumers should survey the market and evaluate trusted sources like LaCura’s brand to find spaces that emphasize holistic healing. “We offer one-on-one consultations to help our customers receive customized oil blends,” Chiprut adds. “This gives our business a personal touch that could help allergy-prone women explore a wider range of products.”

Functional medicine has been tapped in combination with conventional medication to analyze ways to contribute to women’s well-being. LaCura’s focus on supporting stress, digestion, gut health, blood sugar balance, detoxification, and sleep to keep the body balanced adds immense support to this area of wellness.

For example, LaCura’s Spike Protein Toxin Detox utilizes a unique blend of ingredients like rosemary, lemon, pine needle, and star anise to “reduce the entrance of the Protein into the cell, inhibit the attachment to the receptors, balance the immune system and detox the lungs.” The oils used in this 15mL blend can help reduce inflammation and inhibit the attachment to the spike protein/ace 2 receptors. According to some reviews of the product, users have reported feeling more awake and energized — even those suffering from fatigue and low energy following the effects of COVID-19 vaccinations and “long Covid.”

While the potential benefits of essential oils for physical and emotional health are promising, there remains a bevy of companies with products on the market that are not regularly tested for purity. “At LaCura, we work directly with clients and healthcare practitioners to help support optimal health with essential oils, diet, nutrition, and lifestyle choices,” says Chiprut. “Our goal is to constantly improve upon our knowledge and share it with customers while welcoming input and ideas.”

Although some consumers have understandably met the trend of essential oils with hesitance, they are generally safe and effective when they come from a trusted and reputable provider, such as LaCura. Essential oils have been found to have numerous health benefits that can allow women to live happier, healthier lives.