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How Incorporating CBD Products into Your Daily Routine Can Help Improve Your Life

With the new year quickly approaching and resolutions at the forefront of our minds, we’re all brainstorming the best ways to improve our daily routines. Whether you need that extra push to workout and eat better, you want to focus more at work, or you are trying to kick that coffee addiction, we understand how hard it can be to create (and stick to) new habits.

One terrific way to improve your daily routine is through CBD! With the popularity of CBD growing significantly in the past few years, we wanted to bring to light some of the fantastic benefits that you can get from implementing it into your daily routine.


What is CBD?

Since it became federally legal in 2017, CBD has risen in popularity, allowing for more research and better products to come out. So what really is it? Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural compound derived from the Hemp plant. Unlike its cousin THC, CBD contains no psychoactive qualities, so it won’t give you any sort of “high.” Instead, it works directly with our body’s endocannabinoid system (a network in charge of handling our body’s mood, sleep, and appetite) to help reduce symptoms such as pain and inflammation.

CBD’s Effects on Women

Studies show that CBD can help women sleep better and maintain overall wellness and balance. This is partially because it regulates the secretion of the stress-activating hormone cortisol. High cortisol levels can negatively influence thyroid-stimulating and sex hormones, so reducing these cortisol levels can be highly beneficial in balancing these female-specific hormones.

CBD is also said to reduce chronic pain symptoms (like the pain from cramps and headaches), and it can help regulate digestion and digestive issues such as cramps, bloating, and nausea.

Now, it sounds like some sort of miracle drug, doesn’t it? Well, it really can help your overall wellness, but you likely won’t see all of those results from just one use. The best way to take your CBD is consistently over a period of time. Doing this will allow the cannabinoids to build up in your system and boost the effectiveness of your already existing endocannabinoid system. So incorporating it into your daily routine will be the best way to increase its effectiveness and your overall wellness.

Importance of Daily Routines

Having a daily routine can influence all aspects of life- particularly your mental sharpness, performance, emotional wellbeing, and energy levels. As women, we always have a million and one things on our plate. So maintaining clarity throughout the day is simultaneously one of the most important yet most challenging things to do. Especially with the holidays right around the corner, finding a daily routine that works for you can be incredibly beneficial.

How to Take Your CBD

There are many different ways to take your CBD; some people prefer gummies, others like capsules, and others prefer oil. However, we have found that CBD oil can be a great way to incorporate it into your routine since you can easily add it to your meals. For example, you can add a few drops into your morning coffee, put it into your salad dressing, or even drop it onto your tongue as is!

Now depending on what you need most, here are some excellent CBD products from Hempcy that you can incorporate into your everyday routine that can help you focus, calm you down, or even help to re-energize you when you’ve hit that mid-day slump. They are tailored to specific moods or wellness goals, so you can be sure to find a product that is right for you!


Seasonal depression got you down? It gets darker earlier, and the cold weather keeps you locked up. Not to hate on this time of year, which can be truly special, but frankly, sometimes it can put you in a funk.

Luckily, CBD can elevate your mood! Keeping a consistent mood is essential throughout the day, so implementing these products into your routine could help you keep that consistency. The Uplifting Tincture is designed to do just that. This tincture can help you combat that sadness and raise your holiday spirits, so you can get back to enjoying the season.


We get it; it can be challenging to concentrate during this time of year. Women tend to take on a lot of extra stress during the holidays, throwing a curveball in all of our daily routines. It doesn’t matter your age; there is always added demand during the holidays. Whether you have finals to prep for, gifts to shop for, a party to plan, or extra demand at work, it can be tough to focus and concentrate (when you need it most). The Hempcy Focus Tincture is designed to help with that. Packed with full-spectrum hemp oil and natural terpenes, this CBD oil will help you stick to one task at a time to increase your productivity and hopefully let you get back to relaxation- so you can spend time with family sooner.


Are you stressed or anxious? Women are diagnosed with anxiety at nearly twice the rate as men; this increased anxiety can be linked to hormonal changes which come from hormonal fluctuations throughout life such as periods, childbearing, and menopause. CBD is a promising alternative to other methods of anxiety relief. And although the Hempcy Calming Tincture won’t cure your anxiety, it can surely help calm you down when you feel that anxiety come on.


Lastly, there are many reasons why your energy might be low, the change in weather, PMS symptoms, or even just seasonal burn-out. But regardless of the reason, you need energy now more than ever, especially with the new year right around the corner and fitness becoming everyone’s number one priority. The Hempcy Energy Tincture can help when you need that extra boost of energy so you can manage the millions of tasks that you have to get done before the end of the year!

So whether you need help with energy, focus, anxiety, or mood, these Hempcy products will make it easy to incorporate CBD into your daily routine. Try Hempcy and save 15% with code WOMEN15 today!