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How Europeans Can Benefit From Travelling to the USA

Travelling to different destinations around the world has a wide range of benefits from learning about new cultures to opening up education and career opportunities. The great thing about the US for English speaking Europeans is that there is no need to learn a new language unlike many other destinations.

Work opportunities for students

Many students choose to work in the US over their summer break, sometimes working at summer camps and sports camps across the country.

Camp America is just one example of employment opportunity but students can use an ESTA visa to grant permission to work in the US for a period of up to 90 days. By working over the summer, students develop essential life skills like confidence and become working in a multi-cultural environment. Of course, they also get paid for the work that they do which is another great benefit for Europeans working in the US for a short time.


The USA has a wide range of great tourist attractions from the Statue of Liberty in New York to The Grand Canyon. The US is a great destination for people looking to visit a few different types of places, for example you can have a beach holiday as well as a sightseeing holiday and it is relatively easy to get from one part of the US to the next.

Road trips

A great way to see the best bits of the US is to take a road trip. You can do the famous Route 66 or choose another exciting route from coast to coast to visit a wide selection of different places. Depending on how long you are visiting, you could get to see most of the top attractions across the US. You could head to Las Vegas, pass the Grand Canyon, see the famous Hollywood sign and stop at the Big Apple all in one big adventure!

Work opportunities

The US has plenty of work opportunities for a variety of different occupations. Actors and singers are renowned for going to the US to seek their fame and fortune and it is no coincidence that most of the big film stars are American. LA is filled with film studios and New York’s Broadway is where budding theatre stars dream of working.

Whilst there are a fortunate few that do manage to find success in acting or performing, most people have to settle for a standard job but there are so many large cities in the US that there are some good opportunities for people with the relevant skills.

It can be difficult to gain a working visa but if you are looking to work for just a few months, it might be worthwhile applying for an ESTA to see if you can get a job before trying to get a permanent visa. There are many retail, tourism and finance jobs in big cities like New York, with the legendary Wall St being the hub for the best stock traders in the world.

Studying in the US

There are some great universities and colleges in the US and for many Europeans, this offers a wonderful opportunity to get a good qualification, as well as enjoy the American culture. Study fees can vary greatly so you would need to check with the different colleges how much the course you’re interested in will cost over the study length and calculate your living expenses before you decide whether it is a good option.