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How Effective Is Isotretinoin Treatment For Acne

Isotretinoin is a drug that has revolutionized acne treatments. It is the only useful medication that clears out acne and produces excellent remissions. Since the introduction in 1982, it also continues to be vital and has been used for medications all across the world. Isotretinoin is basically used for several as well as moderate acne concerns. Across the world, acne isotretinoin has been used various times in prescriptions and requires several tools and methods for a successful treatment. To know more about isotretinoin and how effective it is for acne, keep reading this post.

What Is Isotretinoin?

Isotretinoin is a medication treatment that is used to treat inflammatory acne. It should not be confused with tretinoin and is often classified as retinoids which are made with the help of a synthetic form of Vitamin A. It will be taken in the form of a pill, at least once or twice and is considered highly useful for treating severe acne conditions. Isotretinoin also successfully clears up and treats acne and can also be improved with the help of other treatment methods.

How Does It Work?

Isotretinoin works by 1st shrinking the sebaceous glands or oil within the skin. It also reduces oil production too. But when the skin isn’t producing a lot of oil, it isn’t clogging your pores or creating pimples. This helps control the number of acne of your skin. Unlike a lot of medications, many people also need second course treatments in order to completely clear out the skin. Once the treatment is done, the pimples won’t come back easily. However, if they are needed, you will need some topical acne medications in order to achieve clear and glowing skin.

Does It Cause Depression?

One of the most discussed side effects of using isotretinoin is that it causes suicide and depression. Reports have suggested that suicide attempts, psychosis and others have a higher chance of occurring amongst those who use isotretinoin. While there is no scientific evidence to provide why this usually happens, I may also believe that this drug can disrupt how serotonin is used and made by the body. A lot of people who prefer taking isotretinoin also experience psychiatric problems because it doesn’t have any link between depression and usage but some have experienced side effects such as these post usage. However, always make sure that you speak to your healthcare provider in case you have a history of mental illness. Also, know the signs of warning and speak to your healthcare provider right away if you experience symptoms of depression, in case there are any suicidal thoughts.

Who can and cannot take isotretinoin treatment?

Isotretinoin capsules are excellent for adults and teenagers who suffer with a lot of acne. So make sure these capsules aren’t given to children before the age of 12 or below puberty. Hence, you should avoid taking these capsules if you have any allergic reaction towards isotretinoin or soya or any other kind of medicines used in the past. If you have some inherited digestive disorder like fructose intolerance, make sure you steer clear from such treatments too.

Isotretinoin is a very powerful acne treatment method. For people who suffer with cystic or inflammatory acne, it could be considered as a viable option for treatment, especially if the acne doesn’t respond well to different other medications. Ultimately, the dermatologist and you will have to decide if the method of treatment is considered ideal for you. So make sure you have a thorough conversation with them before starting anything or taking up any treatment.