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How Drinking Water Can Help to Lose Weight

There are lots of theories about different exercises and diet changes that lead to weight loss. Many people think they are torturing their bodies due to these changes. If you don’t want to follow such a strict regime, you can follow a different technique that doesn’t involve diet changes and working out. This technique involves drinking lots of water. You will be surprised to know that almost 56% of US adults lose their weight by drinking increasing water intake. Want to know how this weight loss process takes place? Keep reading.

Burning calories

Numerous studies show that drinking water increases the number of burnt calories. For example, if you usually burn 100 calories after walking a mile, you can lose at least 150 if you drink water before walking. This phenomenon is also called resting energy expenditure. In adults, this reaction increases by approximately 30% after drinking water. The reaction lasts for as much as 60 minutes.

There are also reports that obese children experienced a 25% increase in their resting energy expenditure after they drank cold water. The advantage of this technique is you don’t have to make any lifestyle changes or follow some crazy diet at all. It works independently and provides noticeable results within minutes. Doctors recommend that you will see a significant difference in your body mass index, body fat, and waist circumference if you drink at least 1.5 liters of water every day for a few weeks.

Reducing appetite

There are two ways you can reduce your appetite:

  • Taking natural, bio-active formula capsules every day.
  • Drinking water regularly.

Bio-active formula capsules promote your body’s metabolism and act as a collective appetite suppressant group to help lose weight.

On the other hand, middle-aged adults and senior citizens also report that drinking a significant amount of water also provides a similar effect. You should drink water every day before meals to lose at least 2 kg in 12 weeks. Another study proves that drinking water before having breakfast can reduce your calorie intake by almost 13%. However, the percentage of weight loss may vary from person to person. You cannot compare your results with someone else’s.

Reducing weight gain opportunities

Water is calorie-free. Therefore, it reduces calorie intake, thus helping in weight loss from day one. Many doctors and dieticians recommend drinking water instead of other beverages like coffee or tea. Tea and coffee usually contain sugar, leading to more calorie intake. Even a cup of tea or coffee every day can increase your calorie count.

There is a simple equation that can help understand the importance of drinking water for losing weight:

  • A cup of water before every meal can reduce your weight gain by as much as 0.13 kg.
  • Replacing your favorite beverage with water will reduce your 4-year weight gain by almost 0.5 kg.

Therefore, you need to make it a habit of drinking lots of water every day. Drinking water doesn’t have any side effects. You can ask your children to follow this technique also. They will have fewer chances of becoming obese.