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How Does Professional Mattress Cleaning Look Like

For a lot of homeowners, mattress cleaning is somewhat of a mystery because you can’t really use water and soap to do a good job. Here’s why companies like EasyCleaningLondon.co.uk provide specialized cleaning solutions to their clients – here’s what they do to ensure 100% effective and family safe cleaning solutions.

Safe and effective mattress cleaning solutions

One of the biggest concerns that people have about their mattresses being cleaned is if the cleaner will be using harsh chemicals. Generally, due to UK regulation, cleaning solutions related to mattress and home cleaning in general are toxin free and are totally safe for children, pets and plant-life.
This means that if you really need your mattress cleaned, there’s nothing of you to worry about and in fact, it’s best if you act quickly to reduce the discomfort and the danger to your health.

They utilize UV lights

In order to penetrate deep within the structure of the mattress, some companies use UV lights and lamps which kill all and any bacteria, bug in all stages of development. These lights are extremely effective in dealing with odours because they remove the odour producing bacteria, but cannot really be used for the cleaning of stains.

This is an instrument which relies on a specific wavelength of UV lighting which does not harm the fibers of the mattress but rather only harms the bacteria dwelling in its structures. The reasons this is such an effective method of disinfection is because it can penetrate deep into the base of the mattress without the usage of water, heat or moisture.

Ultra violet lights do not cause heat and they do not heat the fibers of the mattress, but rather are cold lights which simply kill any organic life which is not protected in a specific way. After the lights are used, all dead bacteria are drawn out with a vacuum and the mattress is rejuvenated, becoming fresh and nice to use.

Steam cleaning and hot water extraction

Steam cleaning is another option which can be used on mattresses which are without memory foam elements because memory foam is reactive to body heat. This procedure is most often used to draw out pet urine stains and odours, which other methods simply cannot – the high temperature also acts as a disinfectant, killing of the bacteria which cause the bad odours.

The cleaning process takes a couple of minutes, utilizing specialized detergents which are meant for the conjunct use with a narrow nozzle attachment on the cleaning machine. The extraction method can be repeated several times to achieve 99.99% dryness, with the leftover moisture drying on its own.

Disinfection with non toxic detergents

It’s important to fully disinfect a mattress, because this can be the difference between comfortable sleep and itching. It’s a part of the disinfection package that cleaning company in London EasyCleaningLondon.co.uk provides and can be used separately from other mattress cleaning services and procedures – if you want to keep your mattress clean, this is the service for you.

There are a lot of benefits to cleanliness, which is why we recommend you don’t take too long considering your options and simply choose the best in the business.