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How Does Dairy-Free Yogurt Benefit Your Health?

Yogurt is an incredibly healthy food that should be a staple in your diet. However, traditional yogurt is made from dairy and this might not be something that your body can handle.

An excellent alternative to this is dairy-free yogurt. This is any type of yogurt made from base ingredients that don’t contain any dairy.

Cashew yogurt is a perfect example, which is made from cashews as you can likely guess. It might seem crazy that yogurt can be made from a nut, but it certainly can and it’s incredibly tasty!

If you don’t understand why non-dairy yogurt is the better choice, then you might not ever make the switch. Let’s go over the benefits of dairy-free yogurt to encourage you to start eating it!

No Dairy

The entire point of dairy-free yogurt is to provide yogurt that doesn’t have dairy in it. This lack of dairy is precisely what makes it a superior option.

Chances are, either yourself or someone you know is lactose intolerant. This means that your body cannot handle lactose, which is found in all dairy products. Dealing with lactose intolerance means that you’ll have digestion problems every time that you consume dairy.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of yogurt, then you’ll need a non-dairy alternative. Even if you aren’t lactose intolerant, cutting back on dairy is still a great idea.

The reason for this is because dairy products are loaded with fat, specifically saturated fat. This, paired with cholesterol, makes it fairly unhealthy.

dairy-free yogurt retains the health perks of yogurt without the drawback of dairy products.

Good Nutrient Source

One of these health perks includes being a great source of nutrients.

Consuming dairy does come with benefits to your health, primarily being a good source of calcium. Most non-dairy yogurts don’t inherently have these nutrients within them.

To fix this, most dairy-free yogurts are fortified with nutrients to put them on par with standard dairy yogurt. You can find nutrients like calcium, vitamin B and D, and potassium in fortified yogurts. These nutrients are responsible for making yogurt healthy.

Calcium helps to build and strengthen bones and teeth. Vitamin B protects your heart and regulates energy levels. Vitamin D also strengthens your bones and improves your immune health.

When you’re looking for a good dairy-free yogurt alternative, make sure you pick one that is specifically fortified with nutrients and vitamins for the best health benefits.

Better Eating Habits

Picking a good dairy-free yogurt can also encourage better eating habits.

One concern about non-dairy yogurt is that it doesn’t taste good. While this may be true, it could be a sign that you just aren’t eating the right type.

If you find a variety that tastes great, like cashew milk yogurt, then you’ll love eating it every day. When you enjoy what you’re eating, it’s much easier for you to make good eating choices.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring and dairy-free yogurt is an excellent example of this! Many varieties are delicious and you won’t be able to tell that they don’t have dairy.

The key to staying healthy is being able to enjoy what you’re doing. Without this, suffering through healthy meals will be a hard thing to keep up.

Start small with dairy-free yogurt and make gradual changes to your diet as you feel comfortable.

Each Type Differs

A final note about dairy-free yogurt is that each type is different in what health advantages they provide.

We mentioned above that dairy-free yogurts don’t have nutrients unless they’re fortified. In addition to this, some are lacking protein and probiotics.

The three healthiest components of yogurt include nutrients, probiotics, and protein content. For your non-dairy yogurt to be healthy, it must include these elements.

Not all types of dairy-free yogurt will have them and this is what you should avoid! Make sure to only buy yogurt that has visible benefits and isn’t loaded with sugar. This will ensure that what you’re eating is good for you.

Closing Thoughts

Eating dairy-free yogurt is an excellent inclusion for your daily diet. Not only is it tasty, but many varieties are loaded with benefits to your health.

Within the yogurt, you’ll find nutrients if it’s specifically fortified and a lack of dairy. Committing to eating non-dairy yogurt can help encourage better eating habits. Don’t forget that each style is different and your health benefits will vary!

If you have trouble digesting dairy and want to stay healthy, then you should start eating dairy-free yogurt. Find a flavor that you love and you’ll appreciate what it does for you!