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How Do Women’s Hairstyles Compare Across The World?

Tired of your old hairstyle? Want to know the latest scoops in the hairstyling world? Or are you just curious about what hairstyles people like in different areas of the world? With everything happening around us, it is no wonder that women worldwide find solace in styling their hair in new and creative ways.

Element5 Digital, unsplash.com

If you are here to look around and see what hairstyle fits you, you are in luck! Some people go the classic yet elegant route while others get the edgier hairstyles. Hairdressers would be able to cater to the changes you would want to do to your hair, like this best hairdresser Sydney has to offer. Whatever you may choose, you will surely find a hairstyle that fits you here.

Jessie Dee, unsplash.com

With the quarantine rules slowly easing up, more beauty salons are expected to open in the weeks to come. This also means that people can already book their appointments at the salon of their choosing. Because of the quarantine restrictions, people would likely have long roots or damaged hair already. Going to the salon would be their way of freshening up their hair and treating themselves to a self- pamper day.

Women will surely be getting their long roots dyed and even having the whole length of their hair dyed with fresh and fun colors. Chunky highlights are now in so the flashier, the better! More women have been switching to light hair colors this year as well.

Feeling like getting bangs but you’re not ready to commit yet? Get curtain bangs instead.

Curtain bangs are like side swept bangs that fall on either side of your face like a curtain in layers. It is super easy to maintain unlike full bangs. It also goes with any face shape so it is versatile. Curtain bangs are shortest at the middle of your face and the layers then cascade to the sides. Because they are not cut super short, you can pin your curtain bangs back or include them in your ponytail if you want to. For a dramatic effect, you can also leave them hanging in front of your face while you pin the rest of your hair up, giving you a layered look.

Juan Manuel Merino, unsplash.com

These past few years have been about embracing our own body and flaunting what we have. Embracing your natural curls is now in, so some women have been laying off their straightening products and are sporting their natural curls instead. If you want to unleash your beautiful curls, get hair products that are specially made for curly hair. Don’t forget to always moisturize your hair and protect it, since curly hair gets dry easily.

Tyler Nix, unsplash.com

Tired of the same, old bob you usually get? Fret not! Change it up a bit with this chunky, layered bob. It has the simplicity of a bob while framing your face better. It is flexible and can be styled however you want. This hairstyle is also perfect for any occasion; from formal to casual, from a day job to a night out. You can straighten it or curl it, depending on your mood.