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How Could Surfing Be Beneficial To Your Health?

Whether you are on a mission to find a new hobby to take up, or a sport that will benefit your health, surfing ticks all of the boxes. With the multiple health benefits from this exhilarating sport, there has never been a better time to grab your wetsuit, your board and hit the waves than now.

So, what exactly are these health benefits?

Vitamin D

Although some choose to surf even when the heavens open, it is usually best enjoyed when the sun is out. Not only does it make the sport more pleasurable, but it also benefits your skin.

The vitamin D from the sun is vital for strong bones, because it regulates the quantity of phosphorus and calcium in your blood, in addition to helping with the growth of skin cells.


Surfing is a great way to strengthen your legs and your core, due to the variety of movement that the waves provide. What’s more, whilst you enjoy riding the waves, you can actually lose a number of calories at the same time!

Stress Relief

Today, we are surrounded by stress. Whether it is from work, home, money or our relationships, stress is everywhere. By surfing, you can truly immerse yourself in the waves, the sport, relax and forget about all of your worries and problems.

This is great for your mental health, because you can reduce any negative effects of stress and clear your mind, whilst having fun.

Additionally, with surfing being a sport that requires skill, practice and commitment, once you have improved you will feel a sense of achievement, which is beneficial for your mental health. You will have even benefited your physical health as you tackle the waves.


Nowadays, you may not get as much sleep as you should, with deadlines and responsibilities getting in the way. You might even struggle to get to sleep at a decent time because you have so much on your mind.

However, surfing, as well as other exercise, can help you to feel the positive effects from sleep. After all, as you sleep your muscles repair themselves, so in the morning you can wake up feeling rejuvenated and ready for the day ahead.


As surfing requires you to use your upper body, legs and core, it is an intense workout, especially when you are paddling against the waves.

Therefore, it is great for the cardiovascular system and the health of your heart.


You require good balance in everyday life and by riding a surfboard you increase your balance, as you try and remain on the board. Due to the waves moving in different directions, with the heights varying in size, having a strong core and a good balance is key, which will improve the more you ride the waves.


If you want a sport that will strengthen your muscles then surfing is the one for you! As you paddle against the waves, both your back and shoulder muscles will enjoy a workout, and as you stand up on the board you will feel your legs toning, as your core becomes stronger.

As you can see, your health can really benefit from taking up surfing as a hobby, both physically and mentally. So, grab all the equipment, book some lessons and take to the exhilarating waves.