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How Clean Does My Rental Need to Be When Moving Out?

What will your landlord be looking for when you leave the rental property?

Your time at the rental property has come to an end, and you are ready to move out. Wait a minute, did you take care of the cleaning part? It is among your obligations to leave the space in good condition. As annoying as it is, in order to get your security bond back, you need to clean the space.

When it comes to moving out, how clean is clean? The short answer is that your landlord or letting agent would expect you to clean the property to the standard it was when you moved, besides the general wear and tear. But, if you are looking for more detailed information and some useful tips, keep reading.

Leave the rented property in the same condition as they found it.

You must prepare your old home for the next tenant’s arrival. Remember how the property looked when you first saw it?  A dream home is a clean home, we believe it was nice and tidy when you decided to take it.

If you have lived there for years, the walls, and the carpets may look a little bit worn off, but this is totally acceptable. Your landlord will find it unacceptable to leave big dirty spots, dusty furniture, and messy cabins. This might be a reason to deduct your deposit money, so be sure you do your best.

This ultimate end of tenancy cleaning must include not only the regular areas you are used to maintaining. You need to dive deep and include things such as fans, windows, curtains, blinds, lanterns, baseboards, and carpets on the cleaning checklist. Make sure you leave everything the way it was. If you have changed the position of furniture or home accessories, we advise you to return them to their original place.

If you decide to do the cleaning yourself, make sure you have all of the necessary tools and detergent on hand before you begin. Trust us, you need to be equipped. It will save you time!

Don’t leave anything behind! You bought your own furniture, kitchen appliances, or some home decorations that you don’t need anymore. Well, if the landlord didn’t agree to keep it, then better sell, give, or trash it away! There is a huge chance you could get charged for removal services if you leave this staff in the rental.

You don’t have to clean this!

Not everything can be cleaned, and not every problem is a result of your actions. The good news is that some of the property problems are not your responsibility and it will not cost you your bond. Wondering what those could be? Here is the list:

Problems like discolouration are irreversible. It is perfectly normal for this to happen over time! Professional cleaners can help you solve some of the discolourations, but not all of them can be fixed. It depends on where this problem has accrued.

Mould is the worst nightmare… You can prevent some of it, but not all. It can show up and leave marks on ceilings, walls, and between tiles. The worst part is that it will keep coming back no matter how well you maintain the space. So do not bother to clean the mould spots.

If a cleaning problem arises in a danger zone, such as an open socket, it is best to avoid it. These kinds of areas are usually off the cleaner’s checklist.

What to do in the case of damage?

Notify the agent or landlord if you caused any damage that cannot be cleaned or repaired. It is better to get this information out rather than to let them find it out by themselves – this can cause drama and make your situation worse. Keep a calm, friendly tone. Show them your good attitude and, if needed, propose to share the bill. Sometimes, this can make them forgive and forget it.

Keep in mind that real estate agents might be present on one side or act as neutral third parties. Make sure you are aware of the situation, especially in case they represent the landlord. This information will help you find the right way to spread your news properly.

Before the final move-out inspection, revisit your contract.

Read your rental agreement; it contains all the important information. You can check it and make sure you meet all of the requirements. Look for a move-out checklist with all the specific information. If you can’t find it, contact the rental company. They can provide you with a standard one.

Go through all the details before the final check around the property. You can ask a friend to join you and make sure you don’t miss some points. The process of moving out is so overwhelming and cleaning the space is just one of the steps in it, so even if you are quite a detail-oriented person, you can still make mistakes.

You don’t have time for this final cleaning? Hire a professional cleaning company! 


We know this moving stage can be tiring, having tons of things to complete in a certain period of time. Don’t blame yourself if you feel like you need to delegate some of them! Cleaning the rented property is probably the easiest one, as you have many options for companies to do the job for you.

You could benefit from the work of a cleaning company as there would be some dirty spots that only a professional could solve. Their work is worth investing in as it can totally earn back your deposit! Provide the checklist to the team and, in a few hours, they will finish the job that would have taken days of your time.

Make sure to hire a reliable company. With our professional team and high-quality equipment, we can deep clean the rented property at a respectable cost. Book our professional cleaners today to make that transition from one home to another seamless.