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How Being a Mother Inspired One Businesswoman to Go Into the AI Public Safety Sector

Dropping off your children for their first day of school can trigger a lot of emotions. There is great joy that comes from seeing them take such a significant step on their childhood journey, and perhaps a little sadness from seeing them growing up so fast.

However, in today’s world, parents can also feel anxiety because of concerns over their children’s safety. School violence is on the rise, with school shootings reaching historic highs during the past few years. Recent incidents, such as the Uvalde school shooting, show that even the youngest students face risks when they head off to school.

children’s safety

It was the concern for her children’s safety that inspired Christina Shteiwi, Operations Director at LENX, to join a company that is proactively saving lives by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence. She says we must all work together until every school, building, entertainment venue, house of worship, and every other vertical is protected.  

“Becoming a mother really opened my eyes to a lot of things, but most of all to the importance of safety,” Shteiwi confides. “It’s not just about looking after my own child anymore; I feel a stronger responsibility for our whole community now. This deep urge to protect our kids and create a safer future for them is what led me to join the LENX team. The thought that I could be part of creating solutions that will keep our children safe in public spaces is incredibly empowering and motivating and my way of giving back.”

LENX is the developer of a cutting-edge communication and AI weapon detection platform that dramatically enhances the potential of video surveillance systems used in public safety. The LENX platform gives law enforcement, security personnel, and citizens a rapid-response tool for identifying and neutralizing potential threats.

Shteiwi emphasizes that LENX’s technology does much more than just detect threats in the public safety arena. It’s a groundbreaking approach that doesn’t merely respond to dangers but anticipates and prevents them, thus greatly improving public safety. This technology marks a move towards a more proactive strategy, promoting smooth communication and the sharing of information between all parties involved in security.

Leveraging AI to enhance public safety

LENX is an advanced platform that enhances public safety by leveraging AI technology for real-time weapon detection and communication. It facilitates seamless communication between citizens and law enforcement, ensuring rapid response to threats. LENX’s system analyzes video footage to identify weapons, alerts relevant authorities, and provides detailed information about the threat.

Shteiwi quickly grasped the value AI brought to public safety. Since joining LENX, however, she has been disappointed to see how many people struggle to see its benefits.

“Some leaders overlook the benefits of advanced technology for enhancing existing systems,” Shteiwi says. “They continue to rely on traditional methods like metal detectors and security guards, believing these are sufficient for deterrence. However, by integrating AI into these systems, it can develop a proactive approach that significantly boosts their security infrastructure. This enables law enforcement and security personnel to detect and address threats before any harm occurs.”

Dialing up awareness 

Shteiwi’s work is already making a difference. More and more decision-makers are coming to understand the way AI can improve the effectiveness of the systems they are depending on to keep people safe.

“It’s heartening to witness the growing interest in proactive rather than reactive technology platforms,” Shteiwi shares. “Each day, more people recognize how AI can elevate threat detection and information sharing to unprecedented levels of efficiency. LENX plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of our children and loved ones. If you are responsible for employees, customers, children, or property, that’s what LENX is dedicated to — ensuring their safety.”

The LENX platform has already been deployed in many locations — including schools and museums — and in each new location, sophisticated AI algorithms are unleashed to support real-time detection of weapons and other threats before they result in harm. At the moment of detection, relevant law enforcement and security personnel are provided with the type of detailed information that is needed to ensure an effective response.

With a voice laden with emotion, Shteiwi speaks from a place of deep concern and empathy. “I’ve met so many families living in the shadow of grief, mourning loved ones lost to preventable tragedies,” she shares, the weight of their stories pressing in her words. “This is why I see LENX, not just as a tool, but as a crucial shield that could spare others this heartache. We, especially as mothers, need to see this technology not as a distant future, but as a tangible ally in protecting what we hold most dear. We must be proactive, learn about these technologies, and advocate for a safer environment for our families. It’s our duty to safeguard our children—the irreplaceable treasures of our hearts.”

The LENX solution has emerged during a season when public safety needs more help than ever. School shootings in the US reached an all-time high of 82 in 2023, and 16 shootings occurred during the first 66 days of 2024 alone.

“As a mother, there’s a comforting peace in knowing that an innovative solution like LENX is there, adding an extra layer of security where my son spends his days learning and playing,” she reflects. “It simplifies the work of security and law enforcement, enabling them to identify and neutralize threats before they ever become tragedies. With LENX standing guard, we gain a little more peace of mind, knowing our children are safer. It reassures us, allowing us to know that at day’s end, our kids will be right back in our arms, safe and sound.”