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How Apps are Helping Your Kids Learn Quicker

Children love to play games. Parents, on the other hand, hate it when their children spend most of their time using smartphones and iPads. But have you ever wondered if apps like Kids Academy Talented & Gifted are actually helping your kids learn quicker?

Studies have proven that technology helps educators build better learning methods. Let’s explore how apps affect your children’s learning progress.

Ways Children Learn

There are different ways a child can learn. The most basic way is through the use of their senses. They see, hear, smell, taste, and touch.

As a child grows, it becomes inevitable that they would want to play because this is part of their nature. Play is their way of actively interacting with what’s around them.

Thus, if you want your child to learn, you must do it through play. Playing alone or with other children can help stimulate different areas of child development.  

Play and Learn with Technology

Most parents opt to enroll their children in schools at a young age, hoping that this will instill knowledge and discipline they ought to have as they grow. However, the fact is that a child tends to learn better when he is exposed to activities which attract his attention. In other words, a child can learn quicker when he will do activities in which he is interested instead of being confined in a classroom. 

If your child loves playing with your smartphone or iPad, for example, you can let him use apps that actually help him learn like the Talented and Gifted Program by Kids Academy. Here’s how the app works:



Quicker Way for Kids to Learn

Colors, drawings, or animation attract children’s attention. If you use apps that explore these, then your kids can learn while they’re having fun. Apps usually analyze the child’s learning development by incorporating games, videos, and worksheets. The difficulty and the pace of the lessons depend on the child’s performance.

There are many apps that focus on two most basic subjects– English and Math. A good foundation in these subjects can increase the child’s learning ability and help them excel in and out of the classroom. You won’t have a problem looking for these apps either as you can simply type the appropriate keywords in the search box of your Google Play or iTunes app.

Scientific Back-up

Professor Paul Howard-Jones conducted an experiment to prove the relationship between students’ learning and rewards system. The study aimed to take brain images of students under different circumstances for analysis.

First, the students answered multiple choice questions in the conventional way. Second, the students answered the questions in the form of a computer-based game. Then, the students competed with each other to answer questions and earn rewards. The results showed that the students were more focused and learned better with the computer-based game with a solid reward system.

Final Thoughts

The right apps can be beneficial to a child’s learning and development. And a child, when given the right tools, can reach their full potential.   


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