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How Android Monitoring App Helps In Tracking Your Kids?

In the age of digitalization, mobile phones serve as a necessary equipment. But it is a big problem if children are using the mobile phones. In order to keep track of their activities Android monitoring app could be used. This app provides you with the privilege to track calls and texts on any concerned phone for checking any inappropriate activities in it. Once you install this app you can always have an eye on the activities of your kids.

Characteristics of Android Monitoring App

Your child might use the app only for accessing educational apps or for learning purpose, but you must always know whether they are accessing some other sites or not. An Android monitoring app helps you fulfill this purpose. Below mentioned are a few characteristics of this app:

  • It is compatible with most android phone irrespective of the fact that you are using simple smartphone or tablet.
  • It records almost all the the activities on the phone, such as SMS, call history and recordings, social chats in WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, web history, keystrokes inputted, surroundings and more.
  • All the monitoring functions that you may need for tracking someone is present in this app. It allows you to read the texts and have access of all data.
  • You are able to monitor more than one phone at a time using this app. That means if you are having more than one kid then also you can track both of them at a time without much difficulty.
  • It could run in stealth mode which makes it easy to handle.
  • Once it is installed it won’t show up in the home screen or the notification bar. Hence your kids will not know that you are having track of their activities. They will not even know that any such app is installed on their device.
  • It works independently. If the device is not connected to the Internet, iKeyMonitor monitoring app still logs activities. When the device is connected to the Internet again, the logs will upload to the cloud panel and you can view the logs anywhere you want.
  • It provides you with the information even after the user deletes it from the phone’s history. If iKeyMonitor logs the activities before deletion, then you can view the logs on the cloud panel.

How to Use Android Monitoring App?

This app provides a unique way to find the way how exactly the phone is being used. Whether your kid is a child or a teenager, you have the right to be concerned about the Android phones that your children are using as you are paying for that and your children’s future relies on that. Therefore, you should use Android monitoring app regardless of the fact whether your kids use Nexus or Samsung. Here are steps of using this app:

  • First of all, for using the app you have to buy it or sign up for a 3-day free version. Check the compatibility of the Android phone. If you are qualified, then you just need to visit the trial version registration page, input the username and email and finish the signup.
  • After completing the registration, now you need to download it by using the login credentials, registration code received to your email. Log into the cloud panel on the browser, download the Android version to the phone.
  • After downloading the program, you have to complete the installation process based on the type of phone it is going to monitor. When access the app, you need to input the license key. Furthermore, you need to adjust the settings of the program so that it is kept hidden from the Android phone user.

The Android monitoring app could be accessed from any type of web browser by simply entering the login credentials in it. Now, you have complete access of your kid’s device on your fingertips.