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Hottest Beauty Trends for 2021: Hair, Skin, and Makeup

Beauty trends may not be as fickle as clothes fashion, but the year 2020 made quite a few changes in our lives. Some of these carried into the beauty industry and made 2021 quite a different year for beauty trends. Nowadays, if you want to look stylish in every way, you might need to do some big changes to your haircut and skincare routine. Makeup trends also evolved due to the ever-present masks. But those mostly rely on somewhat adapted classics.

Hair: Wigs, Extensions, Accessories & Shag

This year’s hairstyle trends seem to go in two rather different directions. Haircut-wise, the top choice is shag in every conceivable form. Overall shaggy and rather messy yet good look is one of the top this year. It’s part of a trend for looking natural and well cared for. The best way to complement this look is to ensure your hair is healthy and shining with strength. Due to the lockdowns, low-maintenance styles rock and the returning popularity of layers that grow out to look good even without regular trims is caused by this.

Another popular hairstyle trend for the new year is to change your look using a wide range of accessories. Hair ties and clips are extremely popular and their styles range from tribal pieces to elegant bejeweled clips to huge artificial flowers. Whatever complements your personal style and makes you look good on a webcam for Zoom meetings is a go.

Enhancing your hairstyle with additional tools doesn’t stop at traditional accessories. 2021 is also a year of wigs and extensions. If you want to revamp your look completely, you should use a PU skin wig. But if you only want to “beef up” your look, 16’’ clip-in hair extensions can help. These will add more volume to your style but you can use longer extensions to look like a fairy princess of old with waist-long tresses.

Skincare: Natural Products & Probiotics

According to the foremost industry experts, consumers came to value skincare like never before. Therefore, the biggest beauty trends of this year focus on treatments that will make you look healthy and glowing with no makeup. However, enhancements like fillers are also in trend. They also aim to enhance your natural look, so nothing too extreme is considered fashionable now.

Masks are still a big part of our lives, and the beauty trends reflect that. In beauty products, probiotics remain one of the foremost ingredients. Maintaining healthy skin microbiome is essential to prevent and treat maskacne (acne caused by wearing a mask). Therefore, top beauty formulas are focused on that.

In regards to cosmetic treatments, this year lip fillers lost position to temple fillers. Those give you the illusion of “infinity cheeks”. This makes the upper-third of your face look more shapely and draws attention to the eyes. Again, it’s a trend dictated by face masks.

Injectables are also becoming much more popular. With more information available about these treatments and their effects, people confined to their homes have the time to do more research. Therefore, many of them came to realize the incredible effects injected beauty treatments can have.

Makeup:  Double-Duty Products & Timeless Bold Cat Eyes

Skincare is essential now and it’s reflected in makeup trends as well. Before that double-duty makeup referred to 2-in-1 products like liquid blush that is also a lipstick. But today it’s all about makeup that is also a treatment that improves the health of your skin. As such, instead of non-transparent foundations, you should be using moisturizing BB creams. The aforementioned liquid blush or lipstick should also contain skincare ingredients like oils and vitamins.

The good news is that the demand for these products triggered some big changes in cosmetics manufacturing. Every brand that wants to keep its sales up is now developing such “caring” products. Not so long ago you could get this kind of care only when using very expensive professional-grade cosmetics.

Other makeup trends are also dictated by the need to wear a mask. As such, the all-time favorite of cat eyes is even more popular. You definitely shouldn’t go over the top with eyeshadows. But drawing something elaborate with bold-colored eyeliners is the hottest trend. Lipstick, meanwhile, is nearly disregarded. So, even when not wearing a mask, you are encouraged to use clear balms or matte nudes that won’t distract the attention from your flashy eye makeup.