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Host a Paint and Sip Party at Home

You may have heard of paint and sip parties where you gather in a group and recreate an artwork on your canvas, all the while enjoying wine or beer. It is a great way to bond with your family, friends or co-workers while at the same time having fun and creating a piece of art that you can decorate your house with! However, rather than pay to attend paint and sip party elsewhere, you can make an effort to host one at home. The best part is you don’t need to be an artist instead you just need to welcome fun, relaxation and challenge.

You can either organize the paint and sip party by yourself or liaise with a painting service company to deliver the painting supplies such as easels, paint, brushes, aprons etc. This means that as the host you provide the drinks and snacks, painting space, as well as choosing a painting to be replicated on everyone’s template. You can help your guests paint at their own pace by giving each a step by step instruction beside their canvas, to allow them to follow through while still socializing with the group.

Benefits of Paint and Sip Parties At HomeYou can catch up with you family, friends or co-workers while creating something right in your home.

  • Being at home makes the environment more relaxed and less direction allowing you to have fun and take breaks when you or your guests need to.
  • You have the freedom to choose your painting, drink and food.
  • In the end you get a souvenir painting that you can say you created in your home, with great company, food and drink to boot! If that is not a happy memory what is?

Tips to Make Your Paint and Sip Party Go Smoothly

  • Set up a snack area away from the painting area such that when your guests want a break, they can mingle there too without interfering with the paintings.
  • Protect the floor and furniture in your painting area with newspaper. This will avoid splatters in case of accidents as well as make your clean up easy.
  • Provide a variety of brushes and paints trying to focus on primary colours to keep the painting process simple. Make sure you choose a fun and uncomplicated painting to recreate too.
  • If you are using wine glasses, ensure they are glasses that you don’t value too much and hence wouldn’t mind if they get splattered with paint.