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Your Horoscope for 2018: Love, Exercise, Work

The start of the new year brings about a heap of change, change in perception, in attitude and in your goals – in fact we spend most of January trying to stick to our new-found prosperity and hope for the future year. Most of the time our new year’s resolution list is the length of our arm and trying to condense all the things we hope to be and do in the near year is almost impossible. We often do some serious self-reflection before choosing our final ones, we seek advice from our friends and family, pick from a hat or even download an app all to determine how we should take on the year ahead and what is important to focus on throughout it.

However, in the wake of last year’s negativity and sometimes even its small moments of terror we have decided that this year we need some serious mojo, some serious magic to guide us, to help us get through and come out better than the year before; we decided to turn to the stars in 2018 for advice and for guidance. So, come the beginning of January you can spend your last few moments of your holiday lazing about your favorite poolside and know that your resolutions this year have been covered.


2018 is everything but slow for you Aries, with an abundance of success, praise and even some pleasure. This is your year of self-reflection, 2018 starts with your planet – Mars- conjoined with Jupiter, this brings about a fierce determination to achieve yourself set goals and your no – nonsense attitude in obtaining them.

Exercise: Mars – The fiery planet is Aries ruling Planet and thus most Aries tend to have more energy that they need to exert. They need variety and intensity, something with a competitive edge like CrossFit or Action Paintball is the perfect challenge for Aries to take on this year.

Work: 2018 brings opportunities for Aries to be more strategic in the workplace, with a development for the finer things life on the horizons you’ll have the smarts and energy to satisfy all your desires through some of your smart and compelling ideas.

Love: Happiness should be unchallenging this year, with April and May promising to be the better months of the year as it is when the sun enters Aries welcoming the sensibility and sensuality of the moon in Taurus. This year’s it’s all about connections, bettering the ones you have and creating potential new ones too. – all to create stronger, sweeter partnerships.


This is your year Taurus, as your ruling planet Venus is one of the most connected most powerful signs in the sky this year. Supercharged on New Year’s Day and so are you. Nothing can hold you back from achieving all you desire – make your goals big and noble and don’t hold back. Don’t be reluctant to make big changes or challenge the status quo the sun is shining on your horizon.

Exercise: Ruled by the planet of beauty and grace – Venus, Taurus prefer a workout that will slowly build their strength – they like a challenge that promises results, that requires determination, something that speaks to their sensibility and structure. Hiking, walks in nature or Martial Arts is the perfect exercise for Taurus this year as it challenges all the qualities they dub most valuable.

Work: You have the energy and attentiveness to see and seek opportunities that most people miss. April and June are the busiest time of the year for work for the Taurus, but with patience and persistence in your line of work will produce only the best results as well as finial contentment and steady cash flow which is said to increase in Summer & Autumn.

Love: The Sun enters Taurus, Mars, Pluto and Saturn – all which are earth signs. This increases your ability to demolish even the toughest of domestic and relationships bumps this year. A more serious and intimate look on your relationships will be had this year with an increased sensuality and luxury take on love –  a more social and frivolous take on love occurring towards the end of the year.


The new year brings about a year of new beginnings, adventures and projects – get ready for a busy 2018 Gemini. Stepping out into a whole new world of possibility with all three Mercury retrogrades this year occurring in the fire signs the year promises to be fast paced and full of excitement. Take it all one step at a time and be present. This year promises to be the best one yet.

Exercise: Gemini need spontaneously in their work outs, they tend to shun away from routine and seek out more adventurous workout regimes. This year Gemini should try a gym or studio that offers a variety of different workouts – like ClassPass which allows for trampolining one day and aerobics the next.

Work: Work and your career on the forefront of your mind this year – and it’s not because of stress and anxiety or even insecurity but rather for love, empowerment and success. You are bursting at the seams with new ideas and business possibilities. Be smart and don’t be shy with your ideas they are big financials plans in place and now you just need to execute them – regardless you have what it takes to push through you are energized, motivated and innovative. Work has never look or felt so good.

Love: The moon leaves Gemini on New Year’s Day and enters Cancer – this allows you to be more empathetic and sensitive towards the feeling of others. Allow your intuitive feelings guide you the first half of the year as complications are said to arise. The other half of the year promises a dreamy more social love on the horizon. Look out for it or if you’re lucky enough to have found it already – hold on to it tight – it’s about to get oh so good.


2018 is an open book for your cancer, it’s time to become your very own author – and all the stars align to help guide you. No matter what is work, love or life there are planets lined up to help see you through – this year you are never without backup.

Exercise: Ruled by the moon, Cancer workout is often not on the cards for them as they are often only drawn to doing things when they have the appropriate feeling – this means exercise happens well almost never. This year we recommend you team up, with a trainer, your partner or a friend to help take on exercise for you and help you stay motivated – circuit work or team, sports are ideal for cancer in 2018.

Work: Saturn has entered its home sign – Capricorn and your Cancer sun has a special rapport with Saturn that simplifies and improves your work life and your prospects in 2018. The work world is your oyster and you are focused and clear thinking to achieve all that has been aligned for you.

Love:  2018 is drive by emotions and couples and singles will feel it every day – when the sun enters cancer there is a grand water trine. A year that promises strong attractions, deep emotions, fierce commitment and clear communication.


This year blazes with possibilities, opportunities and adventurous. You’re looking at a golden year here Leo, one of practical and far reaching prosperity. When the Sun enters Leo, there is a grand earth trine – with Uranus in Taurus and Venus in Virgo with careful planning and caution anything you dream is attainable.

Exercise: Leo is a fire sign and love and need regular high intensity exercise. It is needed for them both mentally and emotionally. High cardio workouts like long distance running or weights are essential for the Leo to not only look good but feel good to.

Work: A year full of money making opportunities. There are so many opportunities chasing you and if you slow down you’ll see that they have always been there and now it’s time for you to claim them. Be true to your methods and your desires and stick to what you know to be true and only good things will await you.

Love: A refreshing new outlooks awaits your relationships of 2018. A new outlook on how you see your partner, yourself and your love awaits. Look out for your communication skills which due to the mercury retrograde will make it difficult for you to express all your emotions. Take it easy, be understanding and patient. New does not mean scary, think of it as a fresh breeze not a clean state – some fresh air in a stale room – that’s all.


The year for you to get in intense – with some ups and even some downs. But you are fully equipped in the art of intensity – with promised empowerment on the horizons towards the latter end of the year.

Exercise: Virgos love routine and do well in the outdoors with vigorous workout routines like boot camp and rowing or jump rope. They love to have goals and do all that they can to achieve them. An exercise that utilizes and builds their strength is ideal.

Work: This year you will naturally put more effort into your finances and work. You’re feeling brave and willing to make strong changes if you feel the sit right with your end goal. Don’t be afraid to dream big as good things await you in March. The Retrogrades of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn increase your wisdom and self believe as well as improve your odds of success.

Love: With a busy work year ahead, Virgo need to take timeout to connect and communicate to though they love most. Make time and effort to cherish each other. Work will not cause a rift between you and your partner but rather an opportunity for you to come closer together. Use it and watch as your personal life and your work life flourish together.


On New Year’s Day the conjunction of your planet is empowered through the conjunction of the sun and Pluto. People will be drawn to your sense of authority, your grace and your humility. With loved ones around you constantly looking for leadership for guidance and you have never been more fit to help them receive all the answers they are looking for. Revel in this moment for it is truly beautiful.

Exercise: Naturally inclined to resist workouts Libra’s often miss out on what can be very beneficial for them. 2018 hold the opportunity for Libra’s to try Pilates or barre classes – it’s also recommended to team up with a friend to help motivate yourself.

Work: A vibrant outlook on your work life and your finances this year – with a clear vision and unwavering focus success is surely on the horizon.

Love: Your powerful leadership aura will attract you to people who are seeking guidance and advice. With your grace and humility, you will draw out sensuality and serenity in all who you encounter. Use this to communicate issues or emotions to your partner.


With Mars conjoined with Jupiter nothing can stand in the way of your plans once you have made up your mind. This keen focus and determination will stretch throughout the year – promising you to reap what you sow. However, remember to not take life to seriously. Lighten up and relax a little – maybe even have some fun if you’re up for it.

Exercise: Better at high intensity interval training Scorpios revel in the fast-paced sprints or boxing. They need to take on an exercise that allows them to disconnect – to blow off steam.

Work: Pluto in Capricorn fuel a prosperous and productive year for you Scorpio. The first two months of the year will be your most unsettling with new changes and adjustments on the horizon, but the latter half of the year promises to be more rejuvenating and familiar.

Love: This year love isn’t just about passion (of which there is lots on the cards) but about practical concerns and real-life accomplishments. Relationships will grow from strength to strength and you feel that your love is more intimate and fulfilling than ever before. Let your love flourish.


2018 is moving in high speed and it’s only going to accelerate further. A year of bustling adventures, new insights and big change. Jupiter – your planet is powerful and ambitions and is pushing you forward to achieve new heights – it’s truly magical to watch as you succeed and grow from strength to strength.

Exercise: For the free-spirited Sagittarius – outdoor activities are a must and they require a lot of physical release to exert all their energy. Outdoor trail runs, hikes or swims – maybe even triathlons are perfect for this fire sign.

Work: This year you turn every situation into an opportunity, money and business prospects will come and go but you have a plan and solution for even the tightest of predicaments. Try harder this year to save.

Love: This is the year for dual power and couples in love will reign supreme. Jupiter spend most of its time in Scorpio where emotions run supreme be sure to communicate effectively and ensure you and your loved ones are on the same page.


Life seems to make more sense in 2018 and you couldn’t be more grateful. This clear insight makes it easier to achieve your goals and to prioritize things that are of importance to you. Good fortune awaits you in abundance this, everything you have sewn last year it is now time to reap.

Exercise: Establish their goals, their priorities and then move towards it. Capricorns are super goal oriented and any exercise that is steady, that builds strength and helps them achieve their goals is good – they also excel quicker if there is a competitive edge – look to road running or long-distance marathons.

Work: This year it will be hard to knock you off your balance, with prosperity and income in abundance said to come to fruition during the first and last half of the year, this however, doesn’t mean that middle is quite or any less busy – in fact is it’s your busiest time. Listen to your intuition and don’t be afraid to make big decisions the stars have aligned and now it’s time to take what is rightfully yours.

Love: You will always be the adult in the room but that doesn’t mean you’re not down for a little fun. This year is full of success and prosperity and the same goes for your relationship which you will look at with stress free eyes. Welcome a new age of love Capricorn – its frivolous and sensual and rooted in deep unwavering emotions.


A year full of challenges await you Aquarius but don’t be despondent as it will only bring about a greater self-insight, more success and authority. The only way out is through and the outsiders promise prosperity and light.

Exercise: An air sign like Gemini and Libra, Aquarius get bored easily and need new and exciting ways to stay in shape, try Action Paintball, Lifesaving or Diving. All out the box ideas that require little full-time commitment and rather done for the joy of exercise.

Work: Although you may feel as though you don’t have the amount of control you wish, there is plenty of money and work waiting you in 2018. Be patient and don’t be afraid to learn from others. Control is not power – just the illusion of such.

Love: Love for the Aquarius is full of charm, random acts of kindness and a blinding attraction. Look out or love if you don’t already have it because there are fireworks waiting for you Aquarius whether you’re taken or not.


2018 means a year of hard work for you Pisces – not to say that it is any less rewarding. You may have to work hard but the stars are working hard alongside with you – for you. With an increased sensitivity – yes, it is possible – and intuition all year long and with the help of Mars, Jupiter and Neptune guiding (water signs) it is hard for you to go wrong.

Exercise: Pisces is the quintessential water sign so naturally watersports comes naturally to them – something they not only enjoy but are inclined to do. However, Pisces enjoy activities that allow them to express their creativity – activities such a dance, Zumba or even yoga anything that is enjoyable – as soon as it feels like work the quicker they are to make excuses to do it.

Work: Work and success is said to flourish for the Pisces this year – don’t be afraid of change or recognition and your ruler Neptune will ensure that all your dreams and goals don’t sway far from your heart.

Love: No matter how tough the outside world may be for Pieces in 2018 – love promises to bring all the relief, kindness and comfort they are looking for.