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Hollywood Branding & Wellness Guru Julia Brunton teaches us How to Keep Your Immune System & Body Smiling: My personal GO-TO Remedies

Julia Brunton is someone that most of us would never get the chance to talk to. Her branding and growth strategies are normally reserved for A-List talent and CEOs of major international companies who pay well to fast-track their knowledge and 10X their performance. She channels decades into days. As a principle, Julia approaches personal branding with a 360-degree perspective. In working with her clients, she blends functional business consultation, transformational intuitive coaching and inner wellbeing strategies to ensure clients are on their highest peak of productivity – both inside and out. We were lucky enough to get on a call and ask about her wellness tips during the time of COVID-19. 

“I am not a doctor, I am simply an individual with a long-standing passion for personal development and wellness; who also has an insatiable appetite for knowledge. It’s actually one of the meanings of the name Julia – ‘thirst for knowledge.’ Growing up in England, the colder winter months were known for increased cases of colds and the flu, so I became very conscious of strategies to keep myself healthy and free of illness that I could use over such periods,” says Julia. “Fast forward twenty years and many major life events (divorce, loss of loved ones, house moves, multiple country moves, intensely demanding work schedules) contributed to increased stress levels which could negatively impact my immune system. Over the years I’ve researched and absorbed lots of data, but, more importantly, experienced and tested different strategies for myself. Needless to say, my knowledge has increased a thousand fold. Aside from the obvious balanced diet rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals, regular exercise, and lots of laughter, I adapt my routines and rituals accordingly, depending on the time of year and my schedule. Below are some of my go-to immune-boosting and general wellness tips to keep your immune system and body healthy and happy.”

  • Mindset: By far, the most powerful tool in our toolbox. A positive mindset can literally, save lives. 
  • Vitamin C: I always prefer getting my dose of C via whole foods; however, for convenience and ease with a busy schedule, I take either a tablet or a sachet I can add to a glass of water. When I fly (if I remember), I take it a day or two before, but always during a flight, and two to three days after.  
  • Vitamin D3: I take this all year round, despite spending many months in the  sunny climate of California, USA.
  • Selenium: Brazil nuts are my go-to, and on occasion I have taken an additional supplement. 
  • Garlic: J’adore the taste of garlic in my food. On its own, it packs quite a punch. To this day, my mum still takes a slice of brown bread, butter, finely chopped raw garlic, a tiny bit of salt and down the hatch (as we say in England). Alternatively, you can soften the blow by warming some milk and adding a teaspoon of butter and three or four cloves of garlic. Stir and bring almost to a boil. Bonappetit – a soothing homemade garlic latte.
  • Ginger: Another acquired taste. Creating a “herbal fusion” is my go-to elixir at home. Get raw ginger and remove the brown skin. Slice at least seven pieces (approximately one centimeter each) and place into an air-tight thermal flask or air-tight jar. I let it stand for at least twenty minutes, or for a deeper infusion, sometimes I leave it for a few hours. 
  • Turmeric: What a clever plant it is.  My home brews include: hot water, turmeric powder, lemon, and honey. You can also create a latte alternative using regular milk or the many other variants (coconut, oat, almond). You may use raw turmeric. I don’t always have this in the house, so powder is the next best thing. Turmeric does have a strong taste so try adding a pinch to different meals. I enjoy tossing a couple pinches of powder into my porridge, yogurt, and blueberries for an upgraded breakfast. Alternatively, liquid and tablet supplements are available. 
  • Frankincense Essential Oil: It has been associated with helping many ailments, including respiratory issues (coughs, catarrh, bronchitis). I use this as an all-around cell-renewing tool. We are made up of trillions of cells, so this made sense to me. 
  • Mushrooms: Such versatile, clever little things. Asides from featuring in my home recipes, I supplement with Lions Mane liquid extract. 
  • Sauerkraut: a healthy properly functioning gut is key for overall health and a healthy immune system. Sauerkraut, just like yoghurt, kimichi, apple cider vinegar are foods that contain good bacteria (probiotics). These Micro organisms help balance the ratio of good and bad bacteria. Asides from my go to 15th century Polish recipe with oodles of Saukergrout twice a year for seven days I take a dessert spoon of Sauerkraut juice as a gut enhancing tune up.  

During Cold & Flu Season 

  • Echinacea: I’m a huge fan and advocate for what I call “plant power.” Anything that is raw and real, and not processed or synthesized =  golden in my book. I currently use a liquid version, adding a few drops to a glass of water. You may also purchase tablets or tea – a popular choice and available in many stores. 
  • Oregano Essential Oil: I place a drop of therapeutic high-grade oregano oil in a small amount of water and down it as a shot. Cheers to good health! It’s super strong and tastes like a burning explosion in your mouth (but worth it, I promise.) Other antiviral herbs include: calendula, astragalus root, cat’s claw, licorice root, and olive leaf.
    • Zinc: My diet usually covers this; however, on occasion I will take an additional supplement, especially when traveling or in cooler winter months. 
    • Peppermint & Eucalyptus Steams: Pop some steaming water into a bowl, add about ten drops of both oils, place a towel over your head and BRREEEATTHE deeply for five to ten minutes. 
    • Thyme Oil: Great to help ease coughing. You must have a therapeutic-grade essential oil to take a couple of drops internally. You may also apply directly to your chest and neck, or mix into a carrier oil. (Almond oil is one of my go-tos.) 
    • Hot Toddy: Yes, the old-fashioned classic, and one of my favourites. It calms, soothes and warms. Simply take a mug of hot water and add a splash (or two) of whisky or brandy. Drizzle in a tablespoon of honey (raw is ideal, and Manuka honey is even better) and finish with lemon juice and ginger. Happy days! To include the kids, mix up some hot water with lemon and honey as a cozy and tasty equivalent.
    • Salt Water Gargling: An effective, simple remedy to clear and cleanse the throat: gargle hot water with salt. Warning: I’ve retched many times as I tried to get the salt as far back as possible in my throat. Not glamourous or pretty, so if you’re new in a relationship I suggest doing so in private!
  • Honey: My go-to in California is a raw, unfiltered and unheated “Wildflower Honey” by The Valley Hive, alternatively the one and only Manuka Honey from New Zealand.

If you are on medication, have prior or underlying illness, are pregnant please consult a doctor before using remedies.