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Hobbies to Keep You Fit

When it comes to keeping fit, does it feel like you’ve tried everything? Have you let your gym membership lapse, or did you try and hate jogging? While you might possibly be feeling disheartened by how little you’ve enjoyed exercise so far, there are ways to make exercise fun.

The easiest way is to take a hobby and turn it into a means of exercise. Whether there are things you did as a child that you’d love to pursue as an adult or you’ve always loved some of your more energetic pastimes, now is a great time to transform your hobby into something that can help your health.

If you’re stumped for ideas, here are some to try or pick up again.

Roller Derby

If you always loved roller skating and enjoy fast-paced sports, it might be worth joining your local roller derby team. This has grown in popularity in recent years and is a thrilling way to keep fit while meeting new people.

As well as giving you the opportunity to revisit your skating skills and potentially build friendships with others, it’s a very physical game that requires nimble footwork, a solid core and excellent balance. If you think it could be for you, dust off your roller boots and get involved.

Adult Tap

From ballet classes as a tot to throwing some jazz hands at the audience as a teen, there are many of us who enjoyed dance classes as a youngster. Adults have been returning to dance classes in the last few years, trying Zumba at the gym or salsa at the local church hall.

But it’s the stuff we did as kids that seems to be making a comeback now, with adult tap classes springing up around the country and ballet for grown ups becoming popular again, too. With all of those shuffle time steps and the elusive wings, tap is a great workout for your legs and gets the blood pumping.


You might cycle to work in all weathers or take the kids out for a bike ride of a weekend. Why not turn this into your standard form of exercise? While spin classes remain popular, getting out on your bike and exploring the countryside is a brilliant way to keep fit.

You can turn it into a family affair and get the children on their bikes, too, or give yourself an hour once a week to do a lap of the surrounding areas. There are plenty of bicycles to choose from, but one of the most convenient is the folding Brompton. This allows you to unfold and go, so it’s great for busy mums who are cramming in the keep fit around packed weekends.

What hobbies do you love that you want to turn into your regular exercise? Will you be trying any of these out, or have you always wanted to explore the local circus skills class or perhaps you’d like to take up trampolining?