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History of The Christmas Stockings

The first thing we do around Christmas, is placing our stockings under the Christmas trees or hang them on the fireplace. We put them, hoping that Santa will leave some presents for us. Some people even write their names on the stockings, just so Santa doesn’t get confused. Have you ever wondered where the stocking tradition comes from?


The story of the Christmas stocking starts with Nicholas-Saint Nicolas. Nicolas was born in a very religious family, living on the territory of Turkey. He was an episcope in the city of Mira and he was adored by people for his generosity. The Saint knew that many people were poor, and coming from a rich family he wanted to help everyone in need. On New Year’s Eve, he walked from house to house, making sure that every kid gets a present. During these times, fathers had to give riches and presents to marry their daughters. A woman without presents couldn’t get married. Nicholas heard about this noble man who had three daughters, but didn’t have riches to marry his daughters. His wife has passed away and he was the only person taking care of the daughters. One evening, the daughters put their father’s socks on the fireplace, to dry them. Nicholas secretly got in their house and when he saw the socks, he filled them with gold. The old man now had enough riches to marry his daughters and they live happily ever after.