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How to Hide All Your Skin Imperfections Using This Ultimate Concealer Map

Concealer is every woman’s powerful weapon when it comes to covering up skin imperfections.

The concealer is a great complexion perfector to cover up dark under eye circles, redness, spots and blemishes on your face. To achieve the luminous complexions and to even your skin tone perfectly, you just need to follow this concealer map.

Here’s where to apply concealer for a good-looking skin:


Above and below the brows

Apply a thin line of concealer above and below the brows to make eyebrows pop and make your eyes visually more open.

On the inner corners of eyes and under the eyes

Apply the concealer in the form of the half-moon to cover up the dark circles. Never apply concealer under the entire eye; you’ll end up with a reverse raccoon effect.

Across the bridge of the nose and down the center

Apply the concealer in the form of small “T” on your nose to make it lighter and thinner.

Around nostrils

Apply concealer around each nostril to even up and brighten this area since it is commonly plagued by redness and broken capillaries.

The outside corners of the mouth

As we age, the skin around mouth becomes wrinkled and lips start to drop. Apply concealer on the outer corners of your mouth to lift up the lips and cover the lines.

The center of the chin

Apply a thin layer of concealer in the center of your chin to combat redness and darkness.

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