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Here’s How The Most Famous Suit in The World Was Created

Read the amazing story of how was created the most famous suit in the world, the Santa’s suit.

We can’t imagine Santa without his red suit, white fur and his black belt, but the original suit was beige. Many people think that the suit was specifically designed for the Coca Cola commercials, but that’s not true. Thomas Hast was the first person who dressed Santa in a red suit for the “Harpers Daily” magazine.


He drew Santa in a red suit, despite his first idea to put the most famous man in a beige suit. He even considered dressing him in a green suit.


Santa was pretty skinny at first, so he could easily climb on rooftops and go down the chimney, but after a while he got the famous belly. Hast is also the inventor of Santa’s full ‘gear”, the black belt and boots, the hat and the long, white beard.


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