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Helpful Tips on Looking for a Reliable Plastic Surgeon in Chicago

If you’ve been searching for a breast augmentation specialist in the Chicago area — or any plastic surgeon, for that matter! — you may feel like you’re going in circles. Once you know that Dr. placik recommends the periareolar incision for your breast reduction, you’ll still want to take the time to find a reliable surgeon. Going under the knife is scary for everyone. When it comes to plastic surgery, seasoned veterans can be as nervous as first-timers, so what is the best way to calm these pre-surgery jitters? The first thing you need to do is find a plastic surgeon that you can trust completely, a task which sounds easier than it really is. If you’ve been searching through reviews on Google for days and are no closer to finding a surgeon, we’ve got the solution you’ve been looking for! Full of the tips and tricks you need, check out the rest of our post to help you find the surgeon you’ve been looking for.

Our Top Tips for Finding A Plastic Surgeon

When you’re looking for a plastic surgeon, you need to know exactly what it is that you’re looking for. With more and more people considering plastic surgery, the industry has been booming, and with that popularity has come to a lot of reasons to be skeptical. Now, it can be hard to even know if your procedure is being done by a certified doctor — especially if you don’t know what to look for! To help you out, we’ve gathered the top tips for making sure you get a plastic surgeon worth your time, money, and trust.

Ask Friends and Family

If you’ve been looking for a surgeon for a while, you may have already completed this step. That being said, it’s a fantastic first step. Your friends and family are going to be some of the first people to tell you if they’ve had a surgeon they would recommend — as well as a plastic surgeon they’d recommend you avoid like the plague! Be sure to pay extra attention to people who work in the healthcare industry when asking for reviews and recommendations. For the most part, those in the healthcare industry are going to know who is the best surgeon in the area, and the information they share can be extremely valuable.

Check Out Reviews Online

Reviews online can be a great place to find information on a possible plastic surgeon. Try checking multiple websites to make sure you get a wide array of information and be sure to note any patterns you notice between reviewers. While it can be great to hear stories from other patients, be sure to view all of these reviews with a grain of salt. You never know who anonymous reviews are coming from, and you never know what their motivations are. Be sure to balance the negative and positive reviews and keep in mind that it’s difficult to trust someone you’ve never really met.

Research Qualifications

Once you’ve read some reviews, you’ll probably have a few names popping up. Now that you’ve got an idea of the surgeons you want to look into, it’s time to do some research into their qualifications. As we mentioned before, not everyone who is legally allowed to do cosmetic procedures is a plastic surgeon. In fact, “cosmetic surgeons,” “aesthetic surgeons,” and “aesthetic medicine specialists” are not plastic surgeons. The difference is these specialists can handle what the state deems as “non-invasive” procedures, which can range anywhere from Botox or dermabrasions. Our advice? If you want a plastic surgeon, make sure you’re getting a plastic surgeon. Do the research to find out the exact qualifications of the person who will be performing your operation.

Check Hospital Affiliations

When you think you’ve found some plastic surgeons that you can trust, it’s a good idea to check to see if these surgeons are affiliated with any local hospitals. Often, if the surgeon is performing procedures in their office exclusively, this means they don’t have hospital privileges. While this won’t necessarily mean they aren’t great surgeons, it may help your anxiety to know whether you’ll be in a hospital or not during your procedure. If there are any complications, you’ll want to be in the right place.

If you are having your procedure done in office, it’s important to take a critical look around the office and at the staff. Is the area cleaned properly and well maintained? Since private offices will have to hire their own cleaning staff, you’ll want to make sure the office isn’t cutting any corners. Do the staff seem helpful, friendly, and qualified? Are you able to see the operating room before the procedure, and if so, is it clean and orderly? If your procedure is going to be completed in an office environment, take the time to really investigate the office itself. The last thing you want to be worried about on the day of your procedure is whether the room is clean enough.

Save Your Questions

When you do finally find a doctor, our final piece of advice is to make sure you save any questions you have for your consultations. Don’t be afraid to write down questions for your next appointment. You’ll feel better if you understand all of the risks, fees, and after-care steps in regards to the procedure. Consultations are designed to help you feel more comfortable, and it’s best to use them to your advantage. While the internet is a great place, it won’t be able to answer questions like a qualified doctor can. Save yourself the trouble and just ask your doctor.

Finding a reputable, reliable plastic surgeon doesn’t have to be a daunting process. Once you know what to look for, and what to avoid, you’ll be able to make your decision to the best of your ability. If you remember to keep your wits about you when reading information online and make sure to look into all necessary qualifications, you’ll be well on your way to getting a plastic surgeon you can trust.