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How To Help Your Boyfriend If He Is Dealing With Mental Health Issues

A large proportion of people suffer from mental health issues, for one reason or another. It can be something that any of us or our loved ones can suffer at any time. So, if it happens to your loved one, how do you help them? We take a look below.

Good Communication Is Essential

Most men have a tendency to shut out the people around them when they are struggling with anxiety or depression. Although you shouldn’t take this personally, it is a sign that you may need to reach out to your boyfriend and make sure he understands that he can talk to you about the issues that he is dealing with. That doesn’t mean constantly pestering him about how he is feeling. Instead, it means letting him know that the lines of communication are open when he is ready. Consider asking questions that leave room for him to talk about his concerns. Asking questions that require more than a yes or no answer is a good way to let him know that you are willing to listen.

Avoid Pressuring Him

The more you try to pressure your boyfriend to open up to you, the more likely he is to close himself off. Understand that he may not always want to talk about the way that he is feeling. In fact, he may become defensive if you try to bring it up. Don’t make every conversation about his feelings and don’t try to get him to talk if he doesn’t want to. Instead, become a reassuring presence in his life – someone that he knows he can turn to any time he is in need. You can sometimes even communicate this without words simply by giving him a reassuring hug or helping him with everyday tasks.

Never Try To Guess What Your Boyfriend Is Thinking

If you didn’t get upset when you saw your boyfriend struggling, you wouldn’t be human. At the same time, however, there is no point in trying to guess what is going on in his head. If your boyfriend won’t tell you what is wrong, it is only natural to want to try to figure it out on your own. Instead of wildly speculating about what might be wrong, try to take a more reasoned approach. Think through what is happening in your boyfriend’s life to see if there is anything that might be negatively affecting him. If he snaps at you or says things that are irrational, try not to take it personally. In most cases, his anger or frustration doesn’t have anything to do with you – it has to do with whatever is at the root of his anxiety or depression.

Don’t Break His Trust

if your boyfriend does open up to you, it is important to guard the information that he shares carefully. It takes a lot of trust to tell someone your deepest thoughts and feelings. If you go out and talk to other people about what he shared with you, it can break this trust. Although you may be tempted to try to get outside input on how best to help your boyfriend, you should avoid talking to your friends about personal information that he shared with you. The only exception is if he is suicidal. Then, you should reach out to a professional for help.

Make Sure He Understands His Worth

Depression and anxiety can alter the way that people see themselves, often giving them a skewed perspective according to Clarity Clinic. For instance, someone who suffers from these conditions might feel unloved or unworthy. If your boyfriend has some of these underlying beliefs, it is important to remind him that they are untrue. Make sure that he realizes that he is valued and that he is worthwhile. Try to boost him up by giving him compliments and regularly reminding him of how much he means to you. Even though he may not respond outwardly, these actions most likely will have a positive impact on how he feels.

It Doesn’t Take Much To Make A Difference

When someone you love is suffering, the natural inclination is to want to fix the problem overnight. You may find yourself trying to figure out what grand gesture you could make that would help your boyfriend recover. In fact, however, smaller gestures are every bit as impactful as much larger gestures. For instance, something as simple as cooking him a nice dinner can go a long way toward reminding him that he matters.