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Heartwarming Shoot: Kids With Down Syndrome Pose As Their Favorite Disney Characters

We are all special and unique in our own way. We must celebrate other people’s uniqueness and not discriminate and spread hatred. Unfortunately, there are still people with stereotypes, that we need to try our best to educate.

Nicole Louise Perkins is a photographer and a teaching assistant at a special need secondary school that is trying to raise awareness for Down Syndrome. She created a beautiful project called “Down Right Beautiful” that contains photos of kids with Down Syndrome dressed as their favorite Disney character. Nicole did the photoshoot just to show the world that kids with special needs are truly amazing.

Each and every child that participated in the project, has a page with their own stories and piece of advice of their parents for parents who have just received the diagnosis.

Nicole hopes that her photoshoot will tell the parents that Down Syndrome is really special and what doctors tell you isn’t always right. Nicole claims that kids with Down Syndrome are absolutely beautiful, unique and bring a different kind of happiness.

“Each and every child involved has Down syndrome and don’t they just look FABULOUS! As Walt Disney said- ‘If you can dream, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started by a mouse. I hope the project helps people realize that Down syndrome isn’t scary and that the people that have Down syndrome don’t have less of a life. They have great lives and along with that, they make the lives of the people around them much richer. The Down syndrome community is one of the kindest, most welcoming communities I have ever met. Response has been incredible, and it was so much fun creating the images. I have met some amazing families in the process and I’m so glad to see the joy the images of their children has brought to so many people.I hope people take away the fact that there is a lot more to Down syndrome than what you are told in a hospital. They are such beautiful special people and the world is a much better place with them in it,” says Nicole.

Take a look at the incredible Disney themed photoshoot!