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Heartwarming Reunion Video: A Devastated Little Dog Gets Reunited With Her Puppies

This heartwarming video of a mom dog getting reunited with her little puppies went viral. The video was posted by Californian animal shelter The Marin Humane Society and it garnered millions of views on the page.


In the video, Cora, the little Chihuahua mix was retreating into the corner of her shelter cage and acted aggressively when someone tried to pet her. The shelter employees in The Marin Humane Societythought that Cora was acting this way because she felt trapped and that she missed her human family. Well, that wasn’t the truth. Cora was just missing her puppies.


The shelter convinced the family to surrender Cora’s puppies. When Cora saw one of her puppies, she looked up. She stepped forward, recognized her babies and was thrilled with joy.


Each one of her four puppies was greeted with a lick and a wag. Cora even jumped on the lap of the woman who got her puppies to thank her for reuniting her with her loved ones.


Take a look at the heartwarming video!