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This Heartbroken Kitten Hasn’t Left Her Old Lady’s Grave Ever Since She Passed Away

This kitten’s owner passed away a year ago and since then her little friend sits at the grave. Even passer-by Keli Keningau Prayitno, 28, from Central Java, Indonesia, tried to help the cat by adopting her, still that didn’t work. The very next day the feline was at her owner’s grave as usual.  She mourns and cries over the grave.


The cat only leaves the spot when she goes to her owner’s children’s house where they feed her. Many stranger passengers also give her food and water.

“She sleeps there and meows, ” says Keli. “It’s very sad to see. It shows just how close animals are to their owners.”

Nothing can stop this mourning cat to leave her owner’s grave.

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