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Heartbreaking Video- Abused Dog Faces Only the Corner of the Room

PAWS Animal Rescue from Ireland posted this heartbreaking video of Cara, hunched and cowering in the corner of the room. Heartbreaking-Video-Abused-Dog-Faces-Only-the-Corner-of-the-Room-1

Rescuers tried to comfort the terrified dog, but they fear that the years of abuse have left Cara a nervous wreck.Heartbreaking-Video-Abused-Dog-Faces-Only-the-Corner-of-the-Room-2

Luckily the rescuers didn’t give up and 6 months later, Cara showed a lot of improvement. She looks so much happier now and she even plays and barks with other rescue dogs, as you can see in the second video.

Cara life got even better, she got adopted by Michael and Therese McGrath.Heartbreaking-Video-Abused-Dog-Faces-Only-the-Corner-of-the-Room-3

Watch the remarkable recovery of Cara!