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Heartbreaking Photo Showing the Saddest Moment in the Animal Kingdom

While Evan Switzer was walking around the forest in Queensland, Australia, he saw something he has never seen before. He saw a male kangaroo holding the body of his dying partner, while their baby kangaroo sits next to them.

“I saw him trying to lift her up. She was powerlessly looking at her baby kangaroo and dying,” said Evan.

It was really touching and heartbreaking at the same time to watch the mother touching her baby kangaroo for the last time.

Evan managed to capture that moment on camera. Here are the heartbreaking photos!


Heartbreaking-Photo-Showing-the-Saddest-Moment-in-the-Animal-Kingdom-2 Heartbreaking-Photo-Showing-the-Saddest-Moment-in-the-Animal-Kingdom-3