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The Heart Melting Story About the Autistic Boy and His Birthday Party

Glen Burati is a 6 year old boy from Florida. She is diagnosed with autism and epilepsy. He and his mother planned his birthday party and invited 16 kids from his school. The day of the party, nobody showed up. His mother’s heart was broken and decided to share her sorrow on Facebook. Soon after her post on Facebook, 15 kids and parents from the neighborhood came to surprise the 6 year old Glen. They teamed up with the local firemen and police officers and bought him all sorts of presents. They even arrived with the fire trucks, police cars and even a small chopper flew over Glen’s house.

Words could not express the happiness on Glen’s face. He was thrilled to meet all those people and touch all the trucks and cars. Glen dreams came true that day.

Sometimes sharing your problem can lead to the best and unexpected solution.









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