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How Healthy Teeth Affects Your Level of Stress?

The condition of your teeth may have a significant effect to your stress tolerance. Though seemingly unrelated, bad teeth and gum health can cause various problems to the body. Teeth and gum problems is itself a stress and can affect your tolerance to stress. Undiagnosed tooth and gum disease can be a reason why we are easily overwhelmed with stress.

This is important because teeth and gum disease are very common. Tooth decay or dental caries is still surprisingly common in adults, affecting one in every four adults. In many cases, dental caries may go on without being seen. Gum disease affects even more individuals, affecting at least half of all adults. There are already studies showing that teeth problems are associated with serious medical conditions, such as heart disease, cognitive impairments and even diabetes.

Put together buy a reputable dentist in Matthews, NC., here are the most common reasons why you become stressed when your teeth and gums are far from healthy:

Close-up of young female having her teeth examinated

Dental Pain is Incredibly Stressful

Pain from the mouth area is dull and excruciating, and is one of the most ‘painful’ of all pains in the body. The teeth and the jawline have extensive nerve network, and tooth has its own nerve endings. If you have tooth and gum disease, you are more likely to have pain or experience it in the near future.

Dental pain is a significant stressor. Even low-intensity dental pain is enough to make you feel discomfort that affects your mood and thinking. If you experience sporadic or continuous dental pain, you must have it checked by a dentist before it affects your stress levels.

Another source of stress is dental pain when chewing or eating. In many cases, pain is worst when eating or chewing. This makes you unable to eat many foods except the most mushy and bland ones. The problem is most people find it stressful to change usual eating patterns.

You will not experience dental pain if you have healthy teeth and gums. The dentist can easily determine source of dental pain and appropriate treatment. Having a dental checkup can help solve dental pain so you don’t get stressed from it.

Dental Problems Can Be a Source of Self-image Issues

Self-image issues are a significant source of stress. Some dental problems, like visible tooth decay and gingivitis, can make you feel conscious and feel stressed. Having these dental problems make it difficult for you to face other people. Gingivitis can be easily treated, while dentists can easily treat tooth decay and recommend ways to improve or restore appearance of the teeth.

Another source of stress is bad breath or halitosis, which in itself is caused a symptom of dental problem. Bad breath can easily ruin your self-confidence. There are many preparations specifically for bad breath, but nothing is more effective than having a visit to the dentist to check the source of the problem.

You do not have to experience stress due to decaying teeth, bleeding gums or bad breath. A visit to your dentist can quickly identify what is wrong in your teeth and gums, so you can bring out that perfect smile at any time.

Guest post is courtesy of The Dental Center of Charlotte, a dental practice located in Matthews, North Carolina.