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The Health Benefits of Using a Vaporizer

Traditional smoking methods including cigarettes, cigars, pipes, etc produce harmful smoke that contains a number of chemicals and metals that are carcinogenic and toxic. These chemicals are usually a mixture of tar and nicotine.

What is the difference between a vaporizer and traditional smoking?

Vaporizers emit vapor instead of smoke and they don’t contain any of these toxic materials.

Lessens a habit.

While vaporizing definitely provides a better taste because it extracts the full flavor and the purity of whatever herb you’re using, when it comes to quitting tobacco its the people who use vaporizers who tend to have the easier time of it. Vaporization just heats the plant below the point of combustion, at around 380 degrees to 410 degrees F, extracting the full flavor active compounds and the plant’s natural purity rather than burning their way through with smoke.

There have been studies conducted by Lancet, which shows that the people who use a similar device to the vaporizer, the electronic cigarette, in cessation of the nicotine patch and gums showed that electronic cigarettes were much less addictive. Smokers tend to quit quickly.

That’s not all. 7.3% of subjects who use e-cigarettes tended to quit smoking after just six months than those who use nicotine patches.

Safe for the lungs.

While some people prefer more flavor by turning the heat up, which in turn leads to a higher build up of carcinogenic chemicals which make the e-cigarette more hazardous to the nervous system, there is a study that says that 99% of research which show e-cigarettes are less likely and have less potential of causing cancer or other respiratory problems. Many studies suggest that vaporizing is much less harmful than smoking overall.

It’s only certain devices and user usage styles that can make them dangerous.

With vaping, at 3 months the lung function begins to improve, while the risk of you developing heart disease has been halved in just 12 months, and after 5 years the dangers of having a stroke have been decreased dramatically.

That being said, some vaporizers are better than others. Many vaporizers will still combust your herbs, so you need to be careful to only buy quality vapes that come with temperature control. It’s important to read portable vaporizer reviews if you’re looking to purchase a vaporizer. It’s not advised to buy a vaporizer before reading reviews online. By reading reviews before hand, you’re sure to find a vaporizer that works for you.

No significant third party effects.

Some people say vaporizers are ‘comfortable’ using since they don’t affect the person someone is sitting next to. Indeed, a study that says the effect of secondhand exposure to people more vulnerable to smoking – pregnant women, young children, the elderly, and people who have heart disease and respiratory disorders and other health complications was said to be insignificant.

Jan Czogola carried out a study that indicated vaporizers are a source of secondhand exposure to nicotine but not to the toxic substances as a result of combustion. Vape pens produce inhalable aerosol, and with each puff, the oil or wax is inhaled and taken into the lungs.

The air concentrations of an electronic cigarette and a traditional cigarette are also different – the e-cig will average at 0.82 6.23 g/m3 while the concentration of nicotine a traditional cigarette will put out will be 10 times higher.

No long term respiratory effects.

Studies are going on to investigate the vaporizers long term effects. Fortunately, it’s been shown there isn’t any development of tumors related to cancer on either the microscopic or macroscopic scale.

Users of vaporizers don’t seem to suffer from an unexpected weight loss like those who smoke traditional cigarettes. There isn’t a discernible relationship between nicotine and an increase of damage in the pulmonary cells.

So, essentially vaporizers have brought in a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. They are safer than the old combustible smoking methods, and users can look forward to avoiding the negative health effects.

Where to Buy Vaporizers?

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There are obviously many reasons to switch from smoking to vaporizing, and overall the health benefits of vaporizing instead of smoking should be pretty clear. It’s important to put this information into practice. Kick that smoking habit and start vaping today!