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Health Benefits of Purple Corn

Let`s learn more about what purple corn is and how it is beneficial for your health!

Purple corn, also known as blue corn, is corn that produces kernels with a deep shade of purple. Purple corn has anti-inflammatory properties, it can help you prevent cancer and it’s rich in antioxidants. It contains three of the most powerful antioxidants: Peonidin, Pelargonidin and Cyanidin-3-Glucoside.


Here are the benefits you get from eating purple corn:

1. Obesity

Doshisha University in Japan conducted a study to look at the anti-obesity potential of the purple corn. The reason behind the research was because purple corn contains anthocyanin C4G and it was considered that it can prevent obesity. The study has proven that anthocyanin C4G prevents obesity in mice and researchers are hopeful to find a similar link in humans.

2. Anti-Cancer Properties

A study done by the Ohio State University has shown that anthocyanin found in purple corn killed 20% of in-vitro cancer cells.

3. Anti-Inflammatory Properties

A study conducted in Tokai Gakuen University shows that anthocyanin C3G has anti-inflammatory properties which makes the purple corn a great anti-inflammatory food.

4. Anti-Aging Properties

Purple corn is rich in Vitamin E, which makes the collagen healthy and delays aging. In many studies, anthocyanin found in purple corn is very effective for collagen health, helping your body to reproduce new and healthier cells.

5. Anti-Hypertension

Hypertension is one the deadliest illness nowadays. Many people get sick because of their unhealthy lifestyles and eating habits. Purple corn helps to dislodge the blockage of the blood vessels and arteries that causes hypertension or high blood pressure. Also, it prevents LDL oxidation and keeps it from converting into bad cholesterol. LDL remains in your blood stream, but they are harmless unless oxidized by free radicals.