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Heal Your Cavities Naturally Without Visiting a Dentist! A True Family Story

If everyone knew how easy it was to treat tooth decay, the dentists will go out of business.

Since we were kids, we were told that tooth decay is caused by consuming too much sugar. The American Dental Association explains that cavities and tooth decay occur when carbohydrates get stuck between teeth, creating an acidic environment that causes the teeth enamel to rot. Although some of their statements are correct, there at still holes. There are people and tribes that have bunch of carbohydrates stuck in their teeth and never floss or brush their teeth.

Weston Price is a dentist from the early 20th century that traveled the world, searching for these people just so he could examine their teeth. He found that tooth decay and cavities, caused by nutritional deficiency, are treated by itself.

Sarah Pope is a nutrition educator that has managed to treat her son’s tooth cavity without going to the dentist and wants to share her story in order to help others. She has already read “Nutrition and physical degeneration” by Doctor Price so she started believing that proper nutrition can cure cavities.

One day, her oldest child developed a cavity in his tooth. Her son’s teeth had a perfect hygiene, brushing and flossing every day and still, he developed a hole in his tooth. Sarah called their dentist to make an appointment. The same day, she insisted her son to take butter-oil capsules every morning and spoonful of fermented cod liver oil. In his book, doctor Price explains that these oils are nourishing and therapeutic. The dentist appointment was within a few weeks, so she continued with the oils every day. Her son also started eating  slices of toast, raw butter and honey for breakfast. A few days before their appointment, Sarah peeked into his son’s mouth to see what’s going on. She looked and looked and she couldn’t find the cavity. Her son’s tooth was smooth and completely filled. She took her son to the dentist to get a full review and the dentist confirmed that her son didn’t have any cavities and voids. His teeth were healthy and the hole was gone.

Dentist’s conclusion

I hope that this story is encouraging enough for you to make some changes in your diet! Dr. Price’s research actually works in practice! Diet can really cure cavities!