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Hard Wax Benefits You Need to Know!

Waxing can be a painful process as we all know it. And at this point, there is really no sugar-coating it. Lucky for you, by choosing the right products and using correct procedures, you can make it as least daunting as possible whether you are self-waxing or waxing clients.

There are a few ways you can try and make your waxing process more tolerable. One of these is by using hard wax. Compared to soft wax,  hard wax tends to be easier to use and more versatile when it comes to removing hair on the body.

As you may be aware, getting started with waxing requires a bit of e a learning curve. Starpil Wax, one of the leading depilatory wax suppliers in the world offers a wide variety of hard waxes and hard wax products for all skill levels. Here are circumstances that hard wax comes in handy and some of its benefits:

When You Want to Make Waxing Less Painful

Although pain is part and parcel of any waxing session, whether performed by yourself or a professional, it is wise to use everything in your power to make it a little less unpleasant. Starpil’s Blue Film and Pink Film hard wax beads are trusted by estheticians and new waxers because of their gentle touch and impeccable results.


Hard wax tends to be less painful than soft wax because it sticks only to the body hair and not the skin. This is not the case for soft wax, which although effective, may cause a more aggressive sensation when pulled off.

When You Want to Avoid Burns

When using soft wax, burns are one of the most common disadvantages that you can face. Of course, you always need to be careful when using any wax. But with soft wax, you might be very careful and still find yourself in the same pothole. Why might you ask? Well, every DIYer and professional esthetician knows that soft wax needs to be used at a slightly higher temperature compared to hard wax. This, therefore, means that there are very high chances of burning your skin during application. That said, hard wax beans for sensitive skin are the escape that you need. How? This wax rarely burns because it heats at a lower temperature than its counterpart.


Getting burns from hard wax is very rare. By using proper technique, you won’t have to worry about possibly burning yourself or a client.

When You Want to Avoid Using Wax Strips

Soft wax has been used for so many years that it might be hard to grasp the benefits and advantages of using hard wax. Wax strips are literally the most important thing associated with soft wax apart from the wax itself. Hard wax, on the other hand, does not require the use of wax strips. The trick is to apply the melted wax beans straight from the hard wax warmer. With a bit of practice, you’ll be laying and removing your wax like a pro!


Hard wax beads need to be fully melted before they are applied. After this, the hair can easily be removed by pulling the wax as fast as possible. This way, all the hair is removed without the wax breaking.

Note: Hard wax happens to be the best because it is applied only on the hair follicles and not necessarily the skin. This means, when using hard wax, you are supposed to do it on top of your hair and give it time to dry up and attach to the hair.

The beauty with this process is that there is way less pain compared to when its applied directly to the skin. It is also essential to note that hard wax has to be completely dry in order to be removed quickly and, more importantly, safely. Hard wax for hair removal is preferably the best method one can opt for when it comes to waxing and hair removal as a whole.