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Guy Sneaks His Fat Cat on Board and Gets Punished By The Airline

Flying with your pet can be expensive and tough, and the worst part is when you can’t keep them in the cabin with you. Pet owners get frustrated and try everything they can to avoid cargo. Some owners even try to deceive the airlines. Mikhail is one of those people. Mikhail Galin, from Russia, went viral for trying to smuggle his lovely cat who didn’t meet the weight requirement.

Mikhail was travelling from Riga to his hometown Vladivostok. His trip was disrupted when the employees at the airport didn’t let his cat Victor fly in the cabin with him. Unfortunately, Victor was 5lb over the allowed weight limit so he had to be placed in the cargo hold. Well, Mikhail refused to let that happen. He came up with a smart plan so that his best friend can stay with him during the flight.

He posted a help request on social media asking people to lend him a cat similar to his Victor, but that weights less.

Mikhail found the cat, checked him as his and then returned the cat to his friend. Mikhail then boarded the plane with his beloved Victor. Unfortunately, the employees noticed that something wasn’t OK. They checked the surveillance footage and learned that Victor switched the cat. The airline decided to kick Mikhail from the frequent flyer program and take the miles from his account.