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Green Diamond Price Guide

In recent years, people have been trying to diversify their jewelry collections. There’s been a collective movement away from traditional clear diamonds, and people are looking to add more striking and dazzling gemstones to their jewelry boxes.

A shift from clear diamonds has caused an increase in demand for fancy color diamonds. So maybe it’s time for you to start looking for some incredible pieces featuring green diamonds.

Although the appeal of green diamonds is very high, searching for a new piece of jewelry is never easy. You’ll often be searching for a few weeks for a piece that’s perfect for you, and of course, good-quality jewelry doesn’t come cheap!

If you’re looking to buy a green diamond, you’ll need to know more about them to see if they’re suitable for your collection.

Price is also a significant factor in your decision, so we’re here to help. Read on to learn more about green diamonds and the price of green diamond stones.

What is a Natural Green Diamond?

Natural green diamonds are the second rarest fancy-colored diamond. This makes them extremely hard to find, so you’re unlikely to spot a natural green diamond at your local jewelry store.

The nature of the process means there are hardly any natural green diamonds for jewelers to mine. Gemologists believe that the green color from the diamonds is due to years of radiation exposure. This process doesn’t make the stone dangerous to hold, but it does make them highly scarce.

This may provide good news if you’re looking to stand out. If you own a natural green diamond, it’s unlikely that you’ll know anyone else with the same diamond. However, rarity also results in increased prices. But if you’re willing to pay the hefty prices, you’ll likely be thrilled with your purchase.

Prices of Natural Green Diamonds

The rarity of natural green diamonds means the supply of diamonds is pretty limited. Trim levels of supply and pretty high demand mean natural green diamonds’ prices are pretty hefty.

You can expect anywhere between $50,000 to $100,000 per carat for green diamonds. This is around four times the price of regular clear diamonds, so it’s a pretty substantial increase.

The price of your diamond will also depend heavily on the size and quality of the diamond. Stones with a much more intense green color will often be more expensive.

If the diamond has faint traces of yellow and brown, then it should be cheaper. And more obviously, the larger the diamond, the larger the price tag!

Are There Cheaper Alternatives?

Natural diamonds will be out of many people’s budget, but there is always the option of lab-created diamonds. Lab-created diamonds replicate natural processes to make the same color diamond synthetically.

If you’re searching for lab-created diamonds, you can find much lower prices of around $5000-$10000. So you can buy ten lab-created green diamonds for the price of one natural diamond.

This results in a green diamond with a much lower price tag. Although you don’t get the authenticity of natural diamonds, you get the same beautiful green color without breaking the bank.

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