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Great Present Ideas for a Pregnant Friend

Looking for the perfect gift for your pregnant friend? While baby clothing and supplies may be the obvious choice, it’s worth looking into giving her something a little more unique.

Pregnancy can be a stressful time, so anything you can give to help your friend is sure to be appreciated. To give you a little inspiration, below you’ll discover some great present ideas for a pregnant friend she’s sure to love.

A Spa day

Being pregnant isn’t always a happy, exciting time. There are days it can be particularly challenging. Carrying a little human around can be extremely tiring, so why not give her a gift she’ll truly cherish and treat her to a spa day? Gifts which are designed to help her feel pampered are a great alternative to the typical baby gifts she’ll likely have already received.

If you can’t afford a spa day, why not invest in some spa-like home products? No matter what your budget, there’s a feel-good gift you can treat her to.

Gift vouchers

If you really can’t decide what to get her, or if you’d prefer to give her a gift that she’ll truly find useful, gift vouchers are a great choice. These allow her to choose exactly what she wants to buy. Either treat her to vouchers for her favourite stores or consider giving her a gift voucher which can be spent at various outlets.

A stylish baby carrier

If she’s a fashionista, a particularly great gift idea is a stylish baby carrier. You can buy great front-based baby carriers which are designed to be worn. You’re sure to find a design which perfectly matches her personality.

It’s a well-known fact that a lot of maternity clothing and baby carriers can be a little too dowdy. So,showing your friend she can still remain stylish, even with a baby in tow, is a perfect gift idea.

Pregnancy pillow

Pregnancy pillows can be a godsend. Getting a good night’s sleep can prove near impossible when you’re pregnant. It’s uncomfortable, especially trying to keep your bump protected and comfortable! Pregnancy pillows enable her to get a great night’s sleep, while also easing night-time related symptoms. You can purchase one and send it to her via the post through a company such as Parcel2Go.com. Imagine her glee when she opens her useful surprise.

You don’t have to settle for generic baby gifts. The items above prove you can invest in some pretty cool gifts for your pregnant friend. Of course, you can always ask her what she wants or needs too. This takes the guesswork out of it and ensures you’re getting her something she’ll really appreciate.