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Great Ladies’ Cases For Your iPhone

Regardless of whether you use your lovely new iPhone to chat with friends, post your selfies or even play casino games, it’s clear that a good case is essential for stopping your digital friend from getting battered in your handbag.

So here’s a look at some of the more stylish iPhone cases that are doing the rounds in 2017.

Cath Kidston


Our tech doesn’t have to be gray and boring. And this is gloriously proven by this lovely Cath Kidston Painted Pansies iPhone case that adds a touch of wildflower charm to your mobile device. And what’s best is that it can be matched up with some Painted Pansies headphones from the same company to make sure that you welcome the months of spring with some suitably floral tech!

Jack Wills


Another British style company who’ve made the welcome entry into the tech world is Jack Wills. And their chic tartan iPhone case does a great job of keeping your smartphone safe whilst providing the perfect amount of classic style to match the soft fabrics and textures of your winter wardrobe.



However, if you’re looking for an iPhone case that shamelessly declares your love of haute couture, then check out Gucci’s range of protective cases. Although the price tag might be a little prohibitive, protecting your mobile device is still a better way to spend your money than some of the extravagant gifts outlined out the Lucky Nugget Casino blog – and the Gucci cases will look perfectly decadent at the roulette table too!

Vivienne Westwood


For classic British style with a subversive edge, then Vivienne Westwood’s deluxe iPhone cases could be a good option. These sleek little cases are crafted out of washed leather and come with a golden orb on the front to make sure everyone knows you’ve splashed out on a designer item. And the simple flip-top mechanism makes it simple to effortlessly achieve the perfect selfie.

Lulu Guinness


And then for something a little different, check out the crazy lipstick case from Lulu Guinness. Although, its bold lipstick design may initially look a little gimmicky, its sturdy rubber casing does an incredible job of keeping your iPhone safe on a particularly raucous night out. So that whether you’re hitting the dance floor in the nightclubs, or winning big at the casinos, your lovely new iPhone should be able to make it through the night!