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Googly Eyes Bring Life To Broken Streets

This Bulgarian street artist makes googly eyes everywhere possible in the streets. Vanyu Krastev takes something that’s broken down in an urban environment and humanizes it by sticking a pair of eyes on it.

Take a look at his amazing street art.
Thoughtful wall light
“If the sun didn’t set, would you still need me?”
Happy grate
“Doesn’t get better than this.”
Shocked pipe
“Tell me you saw that too!”
Stressed payphone
“Why don’t they just carry more coins?”
Long-nosed door handle
“I’ll never tell.”
Confused watering can
“Well, the thing is…”
Hungry trash container
“Feed me.”
Happy pipe
Shocked electrical panel
“The horror!”
Skeptical stump
Skeptical stump
Concerned barrier
“People still sit on me.”
Devious trash can
“Oh yeah, built-in recycling and everything!”
Lonely jug
“When will I ever be fulfilled?”
Dumbfounded pole
“Well, I never!”
Source: Diply
Images Credit: eyebombing.bg