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Going on Your First Date? How to Make it Memorable?

First dates are all about getting to know someone but, as we all know, they are also famous for butterflies. Will everything go well? Will we have fun? If you want to know the answer to either of these questions, take a moment and think about the following ways to make your first meeting as memorable as possible. A great first date can make all the difference. Find out what to do on a date to make sure you have a perfect first date and impress your date too.

Go creative on a date

Come up with a non-standard idea for a first date, that alone will often leave an impression and make the date special and different from others. If your date loves music, instead of going to a concert consider going on a date in the park with a picnic basket.


A reason why it’s essential to reach a little early and wait for your date to arrive is solely because it shows that you care and are genuinely serious. It is one of the things that will have a lasting impression on the person and tell things about your partner.

Honesty is the best policy

Come what may always say the truth. Whether you don’t like the fragrance your date is donning or a particular habit, always say it. But don’t be brash about it. Not only does this reveal a part of your personality, but your partner will also appreciate your honesty as a positive attribute.

Compliment your date

A little appreciation always goes a long way.  Whether it’s the tie your date is donning or the gift he’s given you, always say something nice.

Dress Casual

A formal environment will only result in the both of you being a little-bit more on-guard for the evening, and there’s enough of that on first dates to begin with.

Get some time alone

Getting some alone time to spend with each other after the date is the perfect way to evaluate the date and see if it has any potential of going forward.

Realise why you are on a date

Always remember the focal points of a first date. You want to impress your date and make her like you. Otherwise, there’s no point going out on a date with a special someone. For every moment of the date, keep that in mind and avoid talking about anything that portrays you in bad light.

Chose the venue

When selecting a place to meet your date for the first time, keep in mind that location can say a lot about your character. It’d be wise to choose a pub, restaurant or bar that you know won’t become too crowded or noisy and you can actually hear each other.

Ask questions

When you ask questions it makes the other person feel special that you are  giving importance to that person. This shows you are truly interested in learning more about your partner.

Buy a Ring Together

You could also go the opposite route and let her know in advance that you plan to buy her a ring. Then you can simply go to Simon Wright jewellers together and select one. You can even select a matching ring for yourself, which is a sweet way to show the two of you are a pair.

Open-air theatre

Pack a picnic, some fizz and enjoy watching an open-air production from the comfort of your picnic blanket. You’ll also have a great excuse to sit closer if the evening temperature starts to drop a little.

Make your first  date a memorable one and go and get your partner.